Dress: Igigi

Necklace: Lovisa

Shoes: Melissa

Here’s a pic from last week that didn’t quite make it on to the blog (when did life get so busy?). I thought I’d give this dress one last chance before making the decision whether or not to keep it, and unfortunately I’ve decided that I’m simply not doing it justice.

Like I said in the last post: When Igigi dresses work for me they REALLY work and I loved everything about this dress (The colour! The fabric! The draping!). But it didn’t love me back. 

I hope its new owner has better luck (Hi Sarah!)

This is where I tidily segue into letting you all know that I’ve got another eBay sale going. A few weekends ago I had to have a rather unpleasant procedure done, which unexpectedly wasn’t covered by my health insurance, leaving me unhappily out of pocket at a time when I’m madly trying to save. I thought I’d clear the decks in my wardrobe again and try and raise some funds at the same time, so head on over if you’re interested in taking a look.

9 thoughts on “eBlue

  1. That colour looks fantastic on you, but I know what you mean about having an item of clothing that just somehow doesn’t work. Is it the waistband on this dress, I wonder. Either way, it’s good to make room for more purchases!

  2. I love the color on you, but if you just don’t feel right in something it’s best to let it find someone who does feel right in it! And I hope yr feeling nicely recovered. You & yr family deserve all the health & happiness you can get, so I’m wishing as much as I can for all of you!

  3. Ohhhh…I wish I could squeeze into your clothes! You have some really lovely items for sale. Alas – they are all too small for me! You look lovely as always, I hope your Ebay sale gives you the financial boost you need.

    Wishing you love, happiness and health.

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