Not For The Retiring Type

Dress: Igigi

Shoes: Zu Shoes

OK, you’ll notice that I haven’t labelled today’s post “May(de)” – sorry about that – Β I totally ran out of sunlight for photographing today’s outfit, but I had photos of thisΒ dress from a week back, and it’s AMAZING and I wanted to share it, so here it is!

It’s my second favourite dress from Igigi’s new “Breath of Fresh Air” line, and I think it’s much more successful on me than its turquoise counterpart, though you need to be feeling full of chutzpah to pull it off.

This is not a dress for shy, retiring types. This is a dress to be looked at in. It’s the very antithesis of the safe, black, shapeless smock dresses that plus-size women are frequently told they SHOULD be wearing.

It’s not made of the same buttery soft jersey as the ThelmaΒ dress. Instead it’s quite a heavy, structured jersey that – combined with Igigi’s trademark complete lining – sucks you in and smoothes you down.

The wrap effect is mock – meaning you’re in no danger of flashing your knickers – but the soft ruching at the hip gives the dress a super sexy drape, and it’s red. REALLY red.

My body’s actually reasonably straight up-and-down with the addition of generous thighs and a helluva rack, and I think this dress would look extraordinary on girls with a more defined waist than I.

I’m quietly thrilled that it somehow manages to give me my favourite (unattainable) female shape, the cello, playing up the curves of my hips rather than drawing attention to my boobs.

I let the dress speak for itself with nude shoes and no jewelery, and I can’t imagine wearing it in any other way. With a dress like this there’s no need to fight for attention, and big accessories seems like overkill.

62 thoughts on “Not For The Retiring Type

  1. Oh how I want to love igigi’s solid color dresses. But this one, like many of their others, accents the stomach in a strong way, which I can’t help but feel is the first thing one sees at a quick glance.

    I don’t imaigne it’s much better when sitting down πŸ™

    This bold color works perfect with your new hair. It’s sort of a burgundy red…one of my faves!

    1. Yeah, that was a bit of concern with this dress because the ruching kind of draws a bit of attention to it. have you looked at some of their more 50’s style full-skirted dresses though?

      1. I have. Never worn a full skirt but just might try after seeing how wonderful they look on you in your blog here. I am a pattern girl at heart…but wistful about solids for sure =)

  2. You’ve always it such great lines in your outfits, everything seems to fit you so perfectly from top to toe, how do you do it? Is it tailoring? Amazing undergarments? Luck?

    1. Bit of all. Mostly luck. Though I’m very fussy about having the right bra, and in this case I actually caved and bought a pair of control shorts to smooth my hips and waist a little. I think that helped a bit, though I have serious moral objections to body shapers.

  3. I love your blog and read all your posts but don’t generally comment. But I had to today, because damn. You look like a million bucks in that dress!

  4. You are doing such a *fabulous* va-va-voom thing here: stunning! I love seeing someone wear something that looks so spectacular and affirming that they can’t help but smile…

  5. You look HOT! I think you’ve worn it exactly right, even black shoes might have been overkill on the va-va-voom factor. Love it πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I was thinking polkadot tights and black heels, but it just looked like complete overkill. Maybe for a fancy dinner, but definitely not for regular use. Not that it’s a “regular use” kind of dress!

  6. Lilli, this the kind of dress every woman should have in her closet! What a beautiful color and the fit is so flattering! I agree, I would not pair this with any jewelry. A dress like this deserves to be showcased! πŸ™‚

    1. Quite right! It reminds me of a quote I saw on twitter about plus size fashion “It’s a big canvas. Make it worth looking it”. A motto to live life by.

  7. Wow!! I am going to get this myself after seeing it on you!!

    What is the sizing like? If you don’t mind me asking, what size is the one you are wearing?

      1. I got the size 12, and I fit squarely in the size chart for that (42/36/46″). If you were between sizes on this dress I’d definitely say size up, though. I found it very figure hugging

    1. Hi Kate, I bought the 12, and that’s exactly where I sit on the size chart. I’d definitely go up if you’re between sizes though, it’s quite figure hugging.

  8. You look totally fabulous in this dress. Your waist is so defined in it. You look like a modern day Marilyn! Love how you’ve kept the accessories on the down low. Clever and cute!

    1. Thanks Mandy – The defined waist is helped along a bit by the hands-on-hips pose, lol, but I definitely think the ruching helps create curves!

    1. Thanks Sansha – I definitely have more reds in my wardrobe than blues. But I look ridiculous in pink with my current hair colour, so that’s a few items out permanent rotation for the moment!

  9. What a fab dress .. you wear red so well … Just loving the regular blogging … Keep it up !

  10. Holy moly, what a dress.

    Personally, I think your belly looks amazing in this dress, especially in the first photograph. So lovely and round… my belly doesn’t behave like that at all.


  11. Wow! I’ve had some stuff from igigi, and have had a few dresses from them on ebay. I’ve NEVER looked that hot in them though, that dress is just made for you.

  12. Wow, wow, wow! That is one stunning dress on you.
    I’m about to check if my local stockist has that dress so I can try it on a see if I can pull the look off as well as you do.

  13. Just to say : you look absolutely amazing ! It looks like you really feel good about yourself and know how to take care of you ^_^
    Have a nice week-end,

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