May(de): Time for Tea

Dress: Sohomode

Cardigan: Cocolatte

Shoes: Milu

Welcome to May(de)!

For the whole month of May I want to try a post-a-day, with every outfit featuring something homemade, remixed, custom-made, or from small independent designers.

Hopefully this can get me back into the habit of semi-regular blogging, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourite unlikely places to find special pieces, and one or two DIY projects.

The obvious way to start the project is with my favourite Etsy designer: Louise at Sohomode, who makes hands-down the most gorgeous tea dresses from vintage fabrics. This beautiful green number was bought at the same time as my four bridesmaid dresses, and I wore it for the first time to my Hen’s Night. That time I wore it with yellow accents, but this time I thought I’d go the full girlie and wear it with a pink cardigan, and pink ballet flats.

When you’re wearing a dress with an open cardigan over the top sometimes you lose the lovely shape of a narrowed waist. Unless you want to belt the cardigan over the top (which I just don’t seem to be able to do successfully) or duplicate every cardigan in your wardrobe with identical shrugs there’s one very quick fix that I often utlise: Simply fasten a few of the bottom buttons behind your back. Voila, warm shoulders and arms, but you don’t lose the integrity of the dress style.

I’d love it if anyone else wanted to join in with May(de) – If you’re got an outfit featuring homemade, remixed, custom-made or indie designer pieces and you’d like to share shoot me an email with some pics or a link!

22 thoughts on “May(de): Time for Tea

  1. Love the green and pink-tea dresses, and those from Sohomode particularly are SO GORGEOUS! You look s pretty and fresh!
    Im going to participate a bit differently and instead let you inspire me to wear a little make up to work everyday and try and dress a little more nicely!!!

  2. Hi there! I’m pretty new to your blog, but I just wanted to tell you that I think your suggestion re: the cardigan is BRILLIANT. I had never thought to button behind my back. Does it look weird at all from behind or from the side? It doesn’t in your photos, but I’m curious. I’ll have to try it! Also, I love that dress. The color is gorgeous, and I love how you pulled out the beautiful coral bits with your cardigan.

  3. Such a cute dress! And a great idea with buttoning the cardi like that.

    I’m participating in a challenge called Me-Made-May with more than a hundred other sewers. We post a photo each day of us wearing at least one me-made item. It’s always a heap of fun! You should check out the Flickr group (go to the photo on my blog, click on it and find the MMM 12 group the photo is part of).

    Happy May(de)!

  4. I’ve followed you for some time and really look forward to more regular posts. I’m still finding myself stylewise and have found your blog fantasic inspriration. At size 18 there’s not a great deal around to inspire, you are a breath of fresh air. Thanks 🙂

    1. I was so surprised that it worked – I was just being lazy, trying to see if a cardigan worked with a dress by yanking the sleeves on without bothering to unbutton the thing, and it just… worked!

  5. I love this dress. So so pretty. I love the way you’ve accessorised it too. That peachy pink colour works so well. Love the shoes too. In fact, i love all of it! I must try out your suggestion of fastening a cardi button behind my back – it really works on your photos. I would love to join in with May(de) but I’m not sure I could post every day (also I’ve never been competely sure what “remixed” means!!!!) xx

    1. Thanks Lucy, you don’t have to post every day – I just thought I’d share some of the outfits other bloggers had put together each week 🙂
      Remixed is where I take a store bought item, and alter it in same way (changing the hem, the style, adding appliques, ribbons, swapping the buttons out) to make it your own original piece 🙂

  6. Thanks for the cardigan tip – I can never successfully do the belt over it thing, but now I’ve got a quick fix – cheers! 🙂

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