May(de): Carvivale

Top: Vintage @ We Are Large, People

Cardigan: Cocolatte (remixed)

Skirt: Target

Leggings: Ambra

Shoes: Melissa

This is my favourite remix project that I almost never wear.

I love the bunting appliques in bold primary colours, and the gold carnivalesque buttons, but it’s simply a cardigan that doesn’t play well with others.

The base colour of the cardigan is already so bright, that teaming it with an equally bright skirt takes the cardigan beyond being circus-inspired into costume-party territory.

I tend to only wear it with black bottoms, but even that has to be understated. Trousers or a narrow skirt.

I recently bought some squares of patterned quilting fabric, and some time during May(de) I’m going to remix another – more subdued – cardigan with bunting flags. Hopefully that one will get a bit more airtime!

7 thoughts on “May(de): Carvivale

  1. But its the cutest cardi-I love the bunting and the buttons and the blue!! Do you wear it often with jeans cos I think it would look supercute with dark denim. Cant wait to see the new bunting remix!!! And I do like the melissa shoes…….do u feet get slippery and icky in them?

  2. That is so gorgeous. I wish I had the guts to wear something as awesome as this!

    I know Baby G would look fab in it though… Hmmmm…. If only I could sew…


    K xx

  3. Lilli, I know you have many cardigans but I have to say this is one of my favorites! Just looking at it makes me smile! 🙂

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