The Yellow Brick Road

Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Melissa

This little navy blue shirt dress has obviously been through the washer-dryer a few too many times, because I’ve noticed that since I first wore it it’s lost a few inches in the hem, the waistband’s now sitting under my boobs & the seams are straining a little.

I actually ended up sewing it down the front before wearing it today as I was worried I’d put someone’s eye out with a rogue button should the Ladies prove to be too much for the bodice to contain.

I don’t actually mind the new empire-line fit of the dress, and it’s still lovely to wear on hot days.

Usually I’d wear the dress with a bright pop of colour in the accessories, but today I decided the use the navy blue base to showcase the amazing brooch my younger sister commissioned for me for my Christmas present.

Brooch: David Eris Loong

Yep, that’s Dorothy (with a tiny Toto in her arms) with The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion and The Scarecrow bringing up the rear, wending their way down a yellow brick road. My sister Mae and the jeweler David designed the brooch together, and it’s an incredible one-off piece that even has my name on it. Doesn’t she know me well?

28 thoughts on “The Yellow Brick Road

  1. You look hot in that dress. The length and fitted-ness suits you. And that brooch is the awesome sauce! Your sister rocks.

  2. Wow! That brooch is absolutely awesome! The detail is fabulous and I am completely in love with it! Your family has groovy genes, no doubt about it!

  3. Divine Brooch. Absolutely stunning! Your sister has excellent taste!

    By the way, I did a post on Chie Mihara shoes today. I am in the market for a pair and I’d like your advice. Do they run small? Narrow?

    K xx

    1. Hey Kitty – I’ve got pretty wide feet, and I don’t have any problem with them at all. I usually wear a 39/40 at Wittner, and the same in Chie’s if that helps!

  4. Your sister gives great presents!
    The dress is still super cute on you! Are those Melissa shoes comfy- I’ve wondered if the plastic would be hot sticky and yucky?

  5. That really is a beautiful broach, what a lovely gift to recieve from your sister. I love the touch of whimsy in the design.

    1. I wish I could hang dry – I only have a tiny, tiny inner city balcony, and we don’t get a lot of sun, so it’s dryer or nothing 🙁 I do dry my delicates on a rack, but everything else goes in the machine

  6. That wins as Best & Most Thoughtful Present Ever! So sweet & unique & totally beautiful. Well done, Miss Sister! And that dress is perfection on you. You look cute & comfy, which is the ultimate fashion yes in my book!

  7. That brooch is amazing! Your fashion inspires me on a regular basis ( you have excellent taste in shoes! ) but I have to say I think this is my favourite thing so far!

  8. You look stunning! I love the simplicity of the outfit with the little detail touch of the pin. Love the shoes too – you rock!

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