Dress: Thrifted (via Miss Modular Vintage)

Shoes: Diana Ferrari

Belt: Sussan

You know how you get stuck in style ruts from time to time, when you find yourself putting the same three combinations together again and again and again?

For a while I was wearing this dress several times a week. Always with red shoes. A red belt. Sometimes a red cardigan. Because, you know, red-white-blue. They’re kind of MEANT to be together, right?

After a while I kind of OD’d on the whole thing, and for a while the dress sat in my wardrobe unworn, because I was kind of over red-white-blue. It was all about yellow now.

Interestingly, you know what else goes with white and blue? Yellow.

It has to be the right kind of yellow. Mustard won’t cut it, or anything too creamy. It has to be a bright POP of primary colour.

Like these brilliant yellow shoes from Diana Ferrari

I spotted them some weeks ago at the Diana Ferrari clearance centre – the one, lone, yellow incarnation sitting amongst hundreds of pairs of identical shoes in black and red.

I don’t know if they were a once-off, a small run, or just enormously more popular than their more common-hued brethren. I do know they were half a size too small, but I shoe-horned myself into them, determined that they’d give eventually. Yellow shoes are scarce.

12 thoughts on “Sunspots

  1. Orange would also look fantastic with this dress….also maybe a raspberry pink… I think navy pretty much goes with any other color.

  2. I have always loved this dress on you and I continue to hunt for one similar. I also blame you entirely for the fact I now have two items of yellow (or containing yellow) in my wardrobe. A block colour jumper from New Look and a skirt made by a blogger friend.

  3. It’s funny that you think of yellow shoes as scarce, because I have a knack for spotting them immediately as soon as I walk into a store. I have 3 pairs of them already and I have to tell myself NO whenever I find myself in a store with yet another pair of yellow shoes in hand.

  4. This is one of my fave outfits in a while! LOVE this dress. Would love it if you’d do a lust list agains soon. I’m having trouble finding any clothes that remotely interest me at the moment, maybe because feminine Mad-men style clothes seem to be on the way out and grunge on the way back. Would love to see if you’ve spotted any nice things I haven’t!

  5. Sweet and pretty as always Lilli, I’d love to see you with this outfit and your yellow patent heels, that would be yummy too.

  6. Love this outfit! Very charming & sassy. The yellow definitely pops & makes the outfit sing. Perfect!

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