Faux Fifi

Jacket: Veronika Maine

T-Shirt: Luxx

Jeans: Levi Curve

Shoes: Milu

Belt: City Chic

Earlier this year I was introduced to an amazingly cute character called “Fifi Lapin” through one of the blogs that I read. Alegra from Dollface is Candysweet was wearing the most crazy-adorable t-shirt printed with images of a sartorially splendid bunny rabbit. Cue me making grabby hands at the computer.

I know I’m kind of late to the party on Fifi. The stylish “haress” been going since 2007 and has spawned any number of cross-promotional items like tote bags, lapel pins. And t-shirts.

Alegra’s t-shirt came from a shop called Pimkie, which was not good news for me for a number of reasons. 1) The website was in French. Which I don’t speak. 2) more problematically, they didn’t ship to Australia. And 3) the final kicker, I was too late. The t-shirts were sold out.

I’ve learnt since then that Fifi Lapin t-shirts tend to sell out really quickly, because I always seem to be two steps behind, and by the time I find out that Asos, Forever 21, or Pacsun are doing Fifi merchandise it’s already sold out.

Cue sadface.

Imagine, therefore, my enormous surprise and delight when I saw a Fifi-Lapin t-shirt in the window of one of the el-cheapo clothes shops on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

Made by a company called “Luxx” (I think I’ve got the right website – no sign of the t-shirts on there, but the logo looks right) on closer inspection they definitely didn’t look like the real deal. The colours were too washed out, the print not placed symmetrically on the front, the fabric that thin cotton that always seems to end up with the seams half-way around your body after the third wash.

I tweeted Fifi, and sure enough, they’re rip-offs.

Cue sadface again.

I spent the rest of that night scouring the interwebs for a legit Fifi t-shirt. ANY legit Fifi t-shirt. And came up empty handed.

So – and I’m not proud of myself for doing this – I went back and bought the rip-off.

Just in time, too. They only had one left.

I figure Fifi’s not doing too badly for herself. She seems to be able to afford much more exclusive designers than I can. Plus, I’m selling her new book to booksellers at the moment, and it looks like it’s going to be a ripper.

16 thoughts on “Faux Fifi

  1. I LOVE Fifi. I’m apparently waaaay behind the times, too, because I didn’t even realize such t-shirts existed. I am now making grabby hands at the computer.

  2. Ciao/Hi there in gorgeous Aurstralia,
    Nice post, you look great wearing Jeans & the green jaket, also the Tshirt is quite Artistic!
    Ciao from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

  3. This outfit is waaay cute and you look lovely! The jacket arms are too short for me…I have my greek grandmothers arms…LOL! Keep the posts comin 🙂

  4. I LOVE your bangs like this. I think I’ve posted on that topic before when you had styled them similarly which I am sure makes me come off as a creepy hair-obsessed stalker. But I promise I am only hair-obsessed.

    And sometimes creepy. 🙁

    ANYWAY. They look good. *thumbs up* And a great outfit! I envy your ability to bare your arms!

  5. I sort of can’t believe how ridiculously good those jeans and those shoes look (together), such simple garments should not be able to inspire such admiration. And, as always, I love that jacket. If you ever decide to get rid of it, I will rip it off your shoulders before you can finish the sentence.

  6. Besides the fact I’m in love with Fifi Lapin and envy your shirt, I want to tell you the jacket looks awesome on you! the sleeves absolutely flatter your arms, and the color is beautiful.

  7. Love this look and the long hair. Thanks so much for the Shipito tip. Eshakti parcel arrived yesterday. Added some sleeves, changed a neckline or two, custom sizing all great. Thanks again. 🙂

  8. That jacket is still the absolute tops and looks great with jeans! I bought levi curves in Hawaii on holidays and loved that they came to AUD $30!!!! Im finding Veronika Maine’s clothing at the moment a bit uninspired-sure it will swing round!

  9. Hey… I saw your comment now, maybe it’s too late but I have one of the “fifi lapin” shirts from primark (the third one) if you want, I’ll can send you! 😉

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