The Honeymooners

Dress: Leona Edmiston

Shoes: Milu

How’s this for the ultimate Honeymoon dress? It’s a riot of bright colours and love hearts, and it’s made of a fool-proof cotton jersey that makes it feel like a favourite t-shirt. It’s a delight to wear, and people everywhere on the streets of Melbourne crack a smile when they see me coming (from three blocks away, obviously… it’s VERY bright)

Bangle: Vintage Rose

The Sophisticate and I haven’t jumped the gun straight to our honeymoon – at this point, it’s a bit up in the air as to when/where, but it definitely won’t be straight after the wedding – but I’ve been getting in the mood.

The Big Day is approaching rather frighteningly fast – less than two months to go *hyperventilates* – and I don’t feel anywhere near ready yet, but in actuality there’s only a few BIG things left to organise, and everything else is falling in to place.

Just as well too, because the season of parties is upon us and I seem to have booked up every weekend and week-night between now and Christmas.

On Friday The Sophisticate and I attended a Science-Fiction themed party for the 30th birthday of one of his friends. The Sophisticate’s mates take their costume parties VERY SERIOUSLY, and we had some pretty amazing costumes in attendance including a whole host of characters from Bladerunner; three Pris’s, two Deckard’s and a Rachael – Me.

Next week I have the staff Christmas party – costume again – so I’m going to don my brand-new gingham dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing, put my hair into ribboned pigtails and pay tribute to one of our bestsellers of the season “Wizard of Oz“. I can’t think of a better reason to splurge on these new glittery red shoes from Wittner… can you?

15 thoughts on “The Honeymooners

  1. They have shoes EXACTLY like that for 11.00 at my local Walmart! :O The only difference (so I guess not EXACTLY, haha) is that the ribbon trim is much more narrow. I’ve eyed them wantonly many a time! I should get them. Walmart flats hold up surprisingly well. Better than most of my Target flats, even.

  2. Leona is having the most ‘awesome’ sale at the moment – especially in the vintage stores. I bought 4 frocks for 200 bucks today!!!!

    None of them are as cute as yours though 🙂

  3. I really love this dress! I loved it the first time I saw you wear it. You’re are right – it is very much a honeymoon dress.

    The husband and I didn’t have our honeymoon straight away. We had a few days away after the wedding to recover (we lovingly refer to it as a Jam Moon!) and we had the big trip 10 months later.

  4. Those dorothy shoes are so cute- love them in black and silver but they seem pricey for what they are? Esp if the sparkles will fall off?
    Love the Leona heart dress- looks gorgeous on you and people smile cos u look so cute and happy in it! I just bought a navy Leona dress and its exactly the same length and Im trying to decide if its too long? I bought it as an interview dress with a jacket. Much longer than I normally wear as Im short and curvy- normally like either just above, knee or just below knee length.

  5. there is a new dress in her ruby collection called ‘Freda’..oh my it is to die for! I love this dress on you. It’s so happy! Belt a little low though?

  6. I have those shoes from Wittner! They get comments absolutely everywhere I go!
    (They arent the comfiest however, and the tiny sequins do come off a little bit, however its not obvious if you arent looking ar them up close.)

    1. It’s amazing, isn’t it? It a season or two old, but I found it just a few months ago at one of the Leona Edmiston “vintage” shops (the ones that sell old ranges) so maybe check those out? Good luck!

  7. I think this is the cutest dress I’ve ever seen, I love the colors and I looove the print. You look beyond gorgeous! I love the Halloween costume pieces you picked as well. You have amazing taste. I love the bangle as well.


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