Winners Circle

Β Blouse: Sportscraft

Skirt: Sussan

Belt: Sussan

Shoes: BC Footwear


I finally found them: Mustard yellow shoes.

They’re called “The Winner’s Circle”, have a squat little heel – perfect for walking in – and are lined in fabric, meaning I can wear them sans socks. The slightly pointed toe has a bit of an eighties feel, but shows off a peek of toe cleavage, which I always quite like.

They’re from a vegan shoe company, so they’re not leather, and aren’t moulding to my feet as quickly as my shoes usually do (give them time, I guess) but they have an incredibly flexible sole and are pretty comfortable even over long days on my feet.

And they were surprisingly affordable, especially considering that they came from US-based department store Nordstrom, and the last time I ordered from there it cost as much to ship, as these shoes cost in total.

I’m not sure if cheaper shipping at the US department stores (watch out, BloomingdalesΒ are offering cheap shipping as well. Currently free for orders over $200, in fact!) has been going on for a while, and I never noticed, or whether it’s a more recent thing, but one thing I am sure of… My pre-wedding spending-ban might be in trouble.

I bought the 9, even though I’m usually an 8.5 Australian, since I always find it easier to wear too-big shoes than too-small. Honestly, I probably could have gone with the half size smaller though, as these are pretty roomy. They cost $70, plus $20 shipping, which STILL shapes up cheaper than most shoes in Australia. Win!

Meanwhile, I promised you a sneak peek of our Terrara visit, so click through for more if you’re interested, or not if you’d rather wait until after January for our Big Reveal .


The Bridal Salon where my “maidens” and I will prepare in luxury

The route I’ll take from the Bridal Salon to the ceremony


Where the ceremony will be held!


The entrance to the marquee


The reception. Set up for a wedding of 50, we’ll have about double that.


Me, smiling at my amazing fiance through the lens of his camera

21 thoughts on “Winners Circle

  1. wow. Just wow! Getting that “I wish I was their photographer” feeling! I know it is going to be a fabulous day and I can’t wait to see the photos from the big day.

  2. Gorgeous pics of a perfect wedding venue, Lilli. I’m sure the big day will be wonderful. And it is lovely to see that you are already glowing with happiness πŸ™‚

  3. oh bless you lilli for sharing these beautiful photographs with us. Everything looks perfect, like straight out of a bridal magazine. How did you manage to find such an amazing venue. WOW. And now back to your shoes, they are very cute but are they comfortable? I was in Chadstone yesterday looking for mustard shoes.

  4. Oh Lilli, what beautiful photos! This is surely going to be the loveliest of weddings! I love the salon where you will get ready! How utterly beautiful! I cannot wait to see pictures of the actual event! The mustard shoes are lovely. I really like the heel!

  5. Wow! Looks spectacular. Can’t wait to see pics from the big day! Good luck with the preparations πŸ˜‰
    Also, awesome shoes.

  6. Oh Terarra is so beautiful. I was bridesmaid at my best friends wedding there, September two years ago. It was the most beautiful day made even more beautiful by the surrounds.
    Great choice πŸ™‚

  7. oh honey πŸ™‚ the place is just great πŸ™‚
    holding my thumbs!!! and sending huge amounts of hugs to both of you πŸ™‚

  8. The outdoor area is so lush and green and lovely.
    And that marque is just dreamy- a magical gorgeous place for a wonderful wedding…going to be so so so so so lovely!

    I love this outfit- the light floral shirt with the yellow belt and denim skirt- its fresh summery and cute! Love it!

  9. So lovely!!
    We have Nordstroms here in Seattle, WA but I’ve always been afraid to go in…they’re expensive (for me, anyway) and I have no idea if they even carry plus sizes. Maybe now I’ll have to overcome my fears! Plus, I’ve heard they are the best place to purchase a good bra. =)

    1. I went to Nordstom’s when I was on holiday in Hawaii! Thought they wouldnt have anything that fitted- bought a great dress and short- reasonably priced on sale!!!

  10. That’s Terrara House! An amazing venue. Nowra is my hometown, Terrara House is only 5 kms from my parents place. A beautiful bit of country, ENJOY your big day…I’m glad someone else can appreciate the south coast like I do x

  11. Lili,

    what a GORGEOUS place!

    Your day will be the most special ever and I cannot wait to see all pictures!
    If you already look amazing in that last picture, I can only imagine the stunning bride you will be!

    Big hugs x

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