Top: Luxx

Jacket: Veronika Maine

Skirt: Virtu

Belt: Sussan

Shoes: Milu

I’m back!

Just like the song says, New York’s a helluva town. Big and brash and loud, with little patches of serenity in the parks. Full of fascinating people from every walk of life, great food, good shops.

I got to meet the beautiful Louise from Sohomode in person, and thank her for making the gorgeous tea dresses for my bridesmaids. I also managed to find a pair of ankle boots that don’t make my legs look like fence posts (hurrah!) and as usual, I OD’d on buying knickers from Aerie, going back four times for MOAR PANTIES.

While I was away more and more exciting news rolled into my inbox, so I have a few little snippets of “yay!” to share with you this week.

First off, I’m absolutely delighted to announce that Frocks and Frou Frou has been voted one of the 25 best Style & Beauty blogs in Kidspot’s “Voices of 2013” campaign. Hurrah!


It would be wonderful to make the finals, and I have a dream about winning the writing contract (in my deepest heart-of-hearts, I fantasise about writing professionally) but I’m up against some pretty serious professional blogger names, so I’m ridiculously chuffed to have even made the shortlist. Thank you to the mystery person who nominated me – you guys have such faith and belief in Frocks & Frou Frou that I’m humbled. I’m so lucky to have such generous and supportive readers.

 So that’s exciting news number one.

I won’t bang on too much, because I’m still recovering a bit from jet-lag and I’m about to fall face-first into the laptop, but let me finish by pointing out that on my little sidebar over to the right I have a NEW button. I’ve finally succumbed to Facebook, and have set up a page for Frocks & Frou Frou. If you’re interested, please head on over and “like” me. I’m still a bit of a newbie at it, so feel free to throw some suggestions and recommendations my way – what would you like to see on there? Recipes? Motivational statements? Shopping tips? Photos of my cat?

Faux Fifi

Jacket: Veronika Maine

T-Shirt: Luxx

Jeans: Levi Curve

Shoes: Milu

Belt: City Chic

Earlier this year I was introduced to an amazingly cute character called “Fifi Lapin” through one of the blogs that I read. Alegra from Dollface is Candysweet was wearing the most crazy-adorable t-shirt printed with images of a sartorially splendid bunny rabbit. Cue me making grabby hands at the computer.

I know I’m kind of late to the party on Fifi. The stylish “haress” been going since 2007 and has spawned any number of cross-promotional items like tote bags, lapel pins. And t-shirts.

Alegra’s t-shirt came from a shop called Pimkie, which was not good news for me for a number of reasons. 1) The website was in French. Which I don’t speak. 2) more problematically, they didn’t ship to Australia. And 3) the final kicker, I was too late. The t-shirts were sold out.

I’ve learnt since then that Fifi Lapin t-shirts tend to sell out really quickly, because I always seem to be two steps behind, and by the time I find out that Asos, Forever 21, or Pacsun are doing Fifi merchandise it’s already sold out.

Cue sadface.

Imagine, therefore, my enormous surprise and delight when I saw a Fifi-Lapin t-shirt in the window of one of the el-cheapo clothes shops on Swanston Street in Melbourne’s CBD.

Made by a company called “Luxx” (I think I’ve got the right website – no sign of the t-shirts on there, but the logo looks right) on closer inspection they definitely didn’t look like the real deal. The colours were too washed out, the print not placed symmetrically on the front, the fabric that thin cotton that always seems to end up with the seams half-way around your body after the third wash.

I tweeted Fifi, and sure enough, they’re rip-offs.

Cue sadface again.

I spent the rest of that night scouring the interwebs for a legit Fifi t-shirt. ANY legit Fifi t-shirt. And came up empty handed.

So – and I’m not proud of myself for doing this – I went back and bought the rip-off.

Just in time, too. They only had one left.

I figure Fifi’s not doing too badly for herself. She seems to be able to afford much more exclusive designers than I can. Plus, I’m selling her new book to booksellers at the moment, and it looks like it’s going to be a ripper.