Walking on Sunshine

Top: Liz Jordan at Noni B

Cardigan: Glassons

Trousers: Asos

Shoes: Firetrap via eBay

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I was on an endless frustrating hunt for mustard coloured shoes. After putting the better part of a week towards scouring every shoe shop in Melbourne CBD I had to finally admit that this was getting me nowhere, and that I should just turn to my old friend The Internet.

I’m always a bit leery of buying shoes online unless its a brand I’m familiar with. Like clothes, shoe sizes are variable between brands, but unlike clothes, online shoe shops never have measurement guides and more often that not their “international conversion charts” are wildly incorrect.

Add that to the fact that I’m a bit fussy about my shoes. I don’t like unreasonably high heels. I’m reasonably wide-of-foot. If I can get away with bare feet I will, so I prefer kid lining, rather than that glossy leather you usually have. I also don’t love peep-toes, and I think sling-backs are trashy.

I saw these yellow (not really mustard, I’m afraid) shoes on eBay for a very reasonable price-point and they seemed to fit a lot of my criteria: Round toes, decent heel, kid lining. An unknown brand but they seemed comfortably wide.

They were a size too big, and with both peculiar little spy-holes in the toes and – horrors – a kind of exaggerated sling-back, but I bought them anyway

They’re actually pretty good, but definitely at least a size too big, even with those non-slip heel backs installed. Has anyone ever had experience with re-sizing slingbacks? I though I’d ask the local cobbler if he could bring them in a little at the back, but I don’t want him to stare at me like I’m a crazy person!

12 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

  1. they look really cute, even if they are a little big. oh and thank you millions for my kitty card with my skirt! i wore it to work today and loved it. its so comfy. thank you!!!!! XOXOXOX

  2. I have that same red necklace… Do you find it catches the fine hairs on your nape? I can only wear it when I have my hair up!

    Love the shoes, BTW, I think they are keepers, and I am sure there is potential for adjustment if you see the right cobbler.

  3. Another adorable outfit. Yours is the best. blog. ever.

    I have been looking for a blouse like this for ages and ages. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find a tie-neck black on white polka dot blouse, and yet…


  4. they are very cute shoes! And the black peg-legs really benefit from some color on the foot – it’s a really great combination!

    If you would like a recommendation for a cobbler, I recommend Rekari’s Shoes ( http://sites.google.com/site/rekarisshoes/ )

    This guy is amazing, and if anyone can fix your shoes so they fit, it’ll be him.

    He also installs zips into boots with a strip of elastic on each side – keep in mind for the next time you find great boots that don’t zip up.

    Also, He’ll remember you, no matter how long it’s been – he remembered me from a visit 5 years before. Some kind of autism-spectrum thing, he’s awesome at his job, and always cheaper than other cobblers.

    1. Just saw this on his websites ‘services’ page “Boots and shoes altered to fit” – good luck!
      (he’s at 168 Lonsdale , just down from QV)

  5. Aw, a bit hurty to read that a fair portion of my carefully curated shoe collection is trashy. Oh well, blogs are for opinions after all…

  6. Yours might be my new favorite blog! I found you when I searched Google for “sweater guards,” of all things, and I’m so glad I did. My sense of style is VERY similar to yours (same colors and silhouettes, lots of cardigans and definitely the same taste in accessories). It’s going to be so much fun getting inspiration from you!

    <3 jen @ Stuff Jen Did

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