A Soft Spot

Dress: Eliza Parker

Belt: Torrid

Shoes: Melissa

I love this dress, but it’s always evening when I wear it, so I never manage to get a nice picture to post up on Frocks and Frou Frou. I really wanted to share it with you guys, so I changed into it this afternoon  and took some snaps.

It’s exactly the same shape and style as the Monaco Dress, but instead of the graphic play of black and white, this Andorra Dress is a very on-trend navy.

All the better to flaunt with bright red accessories, like my new Melissa shoes! I found them on my Great Red Shoe Hunt, and decided they were going to be perfect for the warmer summer months. I’m a bit obsessed with the bubblegum scent, but it remains to be seen how comfortable the are in the summer when I’ll no doubt be slipping & sliding on sweaty soles (like all Melissa shoes, they’re plastic)

Back to the dress though – one of the reasons I have such a soft spot for this dress? I was wearing it when I went from being The Sophisticate’s girlfriend to being his fiance.



25 thoughts on “A Soft Spot

  1. I have been eyeing off those very same cute Melissa shoes for months! I own two pairs of Melissa’s and find that they stand up pretty well in the warmer months (not too much sliding or sweaty-ness and they still smell deliciously of bubblegum after months). I’d love to see more pictures of your red ones! I’ve been wondering how they’d look on a person (rather than product shots). As always, love your outfits!

    1. Just a trim 🙂 I’m growing it out so I can wear my hair up for the wedding. I’ve been looking back at the neat bob in the archives though and wishing…. LOL! Grass is always greener, I suppose!

  2. beautiful! Is this the same Andorra dress still on sale? It looks more navy on you than the photos on the website.

  3. Fantastic dress! I have my brother’s wedding to go to in October in Brisbane – this might be the perfect dress to wear if I can’t make myself something in the next week.

  4. Aww that’s really sweet! You should try and tie it in that you also wear it when you become his wife – maybe as your “going away” dress? (dreadfully old fashioned I know!). I really love it, I love the red accessories.

    I totally can’t remember what I was wearing when my husband proposed to me… probably jeans!

  5. This is one of my fave outfits in ages! I think I might have to bite the bullet and buy the Andorra although I think my love for it is heavily influenced by the way you’ve styled it!

    I really need a red belt, perhaps I will look on ASOS or City Chic

    You look amazing as usual 🙂 x

  6. Just a little comment from the other side of the planet to say how much I love your style and how inspiring I find this blog. C’est juste génial !
    Discovered it last week and almost read it all already in fact !

    A bientôt !

  7. I love love LOVE this dress! it looks so cute on you! on the website it says you should go down a size. did you find this to be true at all?

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