Lust List: Avoiding the Obvious

Hasn’t it been a while since I last did a lust list?!

For obvious reasons, most of my online browsing has been wedding-oriented, and since I know The Sophisticate reads the blog (hello, sweetheart) I didn’t want to give too much away about what I’ve been looking at for The Big Day.

Here’s a few non-wedding-related pretties I’ve found on my travels recently though:

Striped pencil skirt from City Chic

City Chic’s doing a nautical range this season (Doom! Doom!) we all know it’s impossible for me to say “no” to anything nautical, striped, navy, white or red.

Bookbinder shoes from Anthropologie

As a self-confessed book-nerd, and someone who uses the fact that she works in the industry to rationalise every book-related purchase she’s ever made, it has taken every single skerrick of my self-control not to have bought these already. The heels look like encyclopedia spines. ’nuff said.

Circus Bear Necklace from CandyBandit

I thought I was over my “Carnivale” obsession. Apparently not.

Birdie Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing

It’s finally back in stock! Do I buy it now, or risk letting it run out of stock again. MAYBE FOREVER!!!

Frilly Cotton Bloomer-Style Panties from knickerocker

I was looking for the perfect bridal lingerie. This isn’t it, but it’s pretty darn cute.

Spot Cardigan from Boden

I have about thirty-five thousand cardigans. But not this one. I want this one.

Mallard In Flight Necklace from HandyMaiden

When I was really little my dad took me to the lake, and I got it into my head that I wanted a duck. So he chased one down, managed somehow to catch it, and brought it back for me to pat. My Dad’s awesome like that.

Yellow Tea Dress from Sohomode

I am insanely tempted to get another tea dress from Sohomode. This bold/retro/mod mustard print is just strengthening my resolve

Harlow Faux Wrap Dress from Kiyonna

This week Kiyonna had a reduced shipping sale, where their shipping was almost half price, and I made it within two clicks of buying this dress. I love the draping and the colour (oh so reminiscent of my FAVOURITE dress from Eliza Parker). What stopped me in the end was reading that the big sash around the waist was sewn there. Who wants a whopping great knot on the side of your body, right where you’re hoping to create the narrowest part of an hourglass shape?

Migratory Birds Chiffon Print Dress from Eshakti

I do like a good bird print. This one looks lovely for summer. Thank goodness they still don’t ship to Australia.

Ink Spot Sundress from Dorothy Perkins

Dotty P does though… hmmmnnnnnn……..

34 thoughts on “Lust List: Avoiding the Obvious

  1. Mr. CP looked at me like I had lost it when, upon seeing the image of those shoes, I squealed bloody murder. He looked at me like I was even crazier when he found out it was over a pair of shoes. I think I yelled something like, “You just don’t understand my love!” at him incoherently, and at an octave only dogs can hear. I’m seriously considering selling a non-vital (or even a semi-vital) body part on the black market so I can afford those shoes. I’m not kidding.

  2. Those shoes are awesome, but if they’re anything like the Schuler & Sons 3.75″ d’orsay platform wooden heels I just bought from Anthropologie, they will be impossible to walk in (even for an experienced heel-wearer) and will make your feel swell to the point that you’re walking back to the car in your bare feet with a blister.

    Sadly, not worth it. I’m thinking about taking mine to the store to see if they will take them back on the grounds that I thought I was buying beautiful shoes, not torture devices.

  3. I think I need to buy that bear necklace to add to my collection of necklaces that I love but distract my students at school. I love novelty necklaces but I teach grade 1 and often catch them just gazing blankly at my jewellery. Either that or my shoes with panda faces on them.

  4. I just got home from spending 2 hours in City Chic trying on nearly everything in the shop…it was heaven. AND I got the skinny on the next few weeks – apparently there is a new collection called Candy something (I forget) that has heaps of 50’s style tea dresses. Then the week after that it’s a whole bunch of swimwear, then after that a whole bunch of lingerie. Woop!!

  5. The DP spot dress reminds me of the brown one that Julia Roberts wears to the polo match in Pretty Woman – all it needs is a cute hat! LOVE your Lust Lists!!

  6. Lilli, the selections in your lust list are fantastic. I do agree with you–it’s a deal breaker that the sash on the Kiyonna dress is sewed on. My favorite would have to be the shoes with the encyclopedia-like heels! Gorgeous!

        1. Not censoring – just trying to keep my little corner of the internet the friendly, non-confrontational place it’s always been. For everyone. I emailled you about your comments – do hope you understand why I couldn’t allow them to remain up here.

    1. Yeah, Estherosita’s having the same problem. Hope I didn’t offend either of you (or anyone else for that matter!) I just liked the carnival imagery, I certainly don’t condone violence against animals or animals being kept in captivity for human entertainment.

  7. Damn eshakti and their no-international-shipping ways! Although, that’d pretty much mean filing bankruptcy for many of us, I’m sure!

    Lilli, have you ordered shoes from ASOS or DP before? I’m reaaaaally confused with their sizing (I’m an AU8), their size chart says AU8 = UK5 but in other forums (like the Vogue forums) they say an AU8 is a UK6 so… yeah… I’m not sure what to do, I’ve been meaning to order a pair of brogues but I chicken out thinking they won’t fit!

    PS Censorship is good, you’re the sole ruler of your own little blog universe.

  8. By the way I just got an email from DP, VIP WEEK – 25% off everything for the next week. So I think you will ‘have’ to get the polkadot dress now!

  9. I just ordered the Migratory Birds dress! Even though it’s soon going to be fall here, I plan on pairing it with tights and a cardi. Can’t let it languish in my closet all winter!

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