Dress: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Wittner


Last night The Sophisticate and I went out to dinner with some family friends who had looked after me very, very well when I was a wide-eyed nineteen year old exploring Europe by myself. Quite apart from the fact that it was perfectly lovely to see them again after over thirteen years (gulp!) it left me feeling all nostalgic for the year that I spent working in London.

London was an extraordinary city – especially for a girl who had barely travelled before. The fact that I had this unprecedented access to art, music, history and theatre had my head spinning, and I spent every free day soaking up everything on offer. One of my favourite aspects of London was that it just seemed so… classy. When I came back to an Australian summer – all thongs, and stubbies and singlet tops – I suffered a bit of a culture shock!

I’m sure London’s changed dramatically since I was there but in my mind it remains the same, and I think Eliza Parker’s gorgeous Monaco Dress would fit in fine.

I’m seeing bloggers across the blogosphere wearing this dress, and everyone just looks amazing in it! Jessica told me that when she saw the fabric – a gorgeously heavy satin – she bought the lot, then built the elegant fifties style dress up around it. It’s got the feel of instant glamour, but is comfortable and practical, too. See? Pockets!

The top’s made of double-layered jersey, and it comes with a detachable belt, but really it’s the full skirt that makes you feel like royalty. A dancing queen.

Edited to add: I just got an email from Eliza Parker offering $15 shipping to Australia! If you’ve had your eye on something but have baulked at the shipping costs, now’s your chance! According to the email the offer ends “1/02/11”, but I think that means 2nd Jan, not 1st Feb because they go month/day/year in the US, compared to day/month/year here.




22 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. This is one of my fave outfits of yours in a while! You look amazing! I have my ex-boyfriend’s wedding coming up in March (why am I going?) and it goes without saying that I need to look amazing.

    I was thinking red (my power colour also!) but perhaps I should steal your style and buy this dress! x

    P.S- Just ordered my first shipment from Victoria’s Secret. I ordered Christmas night and it was waiting on my doorstep by Thursday. WIN!

  2. This dress—WOW! You look lovely! I love the pattern and the full skirt and the perfect mix of the two colors…wonderful! And may I say your hair gets prettier every day? Love it this long!

  3. This is lovely! I’m an Aus 12-14, usually a size 2 in Leona Edmiston jersey – will the 10/12 in this be too big for me? I’m desperate to buy some Eliza Parker dresses but I’m just not sure about the sizing.

  4. You look fabulous!!!

    I have this dress also and it is my all time favourite. Its a beautiful classic.

    Isn’t it just absolutley a dream to wear. Worth every cent.

  5. Love the dress!
    just wanted to say Hi, I think I was standing a few people behind you in the cinema line today, I wanted to greet you then but felt embarrassed in my daggy outfit.
    I loved your summery dress!
    Hope you were able to escape the heat for a while and that next time I run into you in the real world I’m wearing something worthy of the occasion.
    Thanks for your posts this year, I have really enjoyed following along.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Wooooonderful.. and pockets! You look beautiful!
    I’m naughty, I just bought this dress, I am hoping it’ll arrive before 15th January for a wedding I’m going to! woohoo! I also hope I can look half as good as you do in it!
    Oh and just a tip for anyone else thinking of buying – there is currently 20% off with GREEN20 code as well! FANTASTIC!! (plus only $15 for shipping).

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