Heaven Eleven

Cardigan: 8Inkerman

Top: Rockmans

Jeans: Levi Curve

Shoes: Diana Ferrari


Happy New Year, and welcome to 2011!


It’s going to be a momentous year, with some changes happening over the next few months that will be pretty exciting. It’s got big shoes to fill, because looking back on 2010 though I can confidently say it was one of the happiest years I’ve had in a while: Thanks to you – my wonderful readers – the blog’s gone from strength to strength, with an unexpected amount of publicity; I was featured in The Age (earning my Mum and Dad’s pride for evah and evah!); I was included in the French Glamour article on Plus Size bloggers alongside Gabi, J, Stephenie and other luminaries of the “fatshionista” world; I visited America with The Sophisticate and met his gorgeous, welcoming, generous family; I modeled in a runway show; I became a dot com; and I was blessed with two amazing housemates, Joss and Bosun.

I saw in the new year last night with The Sophisticate, Elroy & his gorgeous partner Barb, my favourite Miss Fiona, her partner Chris, and Brett and the lovely Liah. Despite the fact that I’ve lived in Melbourne for, er, seven or more years now this was the first 31st December that I’ve spent here and I couldn’t have hoped for a better night.

I hope that Rochelle, the lucky winner of the Chitra’s Closet $100 voucher will be kicking the new year off with something special for herself, and that everyone else will follow suit and treat themselves to a little something to mark the new year. What’s on your wish-list right now? For myself I think I’m finally going to cave and buy myself a pair of Ruby Slippers – completely unnecessary, but the best indulgences are.

25 thoughts on “Heaven Eleven

  1. Dear Lilli,
    following on from Char’s comment on yesterday’s post, I want to
    thank you. Your blog brightened so many of my days last year.
    I look forward to reading more in 2011!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Lilli – Thank you for a year of inspiration and helping me finally get together and begin to write a blog of my own. You were one of the first three blogs I began to read at the beginning of last year and have had a helping hand in allowing me to finally accept my shape and be proud of my style.

    I wish you a happy & healthy 2011.

    Monkey x

  3. I must have missed you in the Age! Any chance of a link?

    I am still tossing up whether to get a tea dress from Sohomode, she has new patterns but I kind of want a red-based one so maybe I should hold out….

    By the way, are you totally in love with your Curve ID jeans? I have black Bold ones and have worn them TO DEATH

    P.S- did you get the Chie Mihara shoes in the mail yet?

  4. I am so excited to be the winner of the Chitra’s Closet voucher-SO SO SO SO excited!!!
    Cant wait to go and browse and make a decision on how to spend my winnings!!!

    Thanks so much-a great start to 2011!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love this shade of yellow on you, Lilli! And of course, enough can’t be said about the fabulous Levis Curve jeans which are so flattering on your hourglass figure. Looking forward to reading new posts in your blog this year!

  6. Heaven Eleven – LOVE IT!!! Yes, the yellow looks INCREDIBLE!

    Happy New Year Lilli (and everyone!) I look forward to all the great outfits for the year ahead!

  7. Lilli- keep all the good blogs coming! 2011 will be great for you and I wish you and your family continued good health and happiness. PS do you have any ‘picks’ for the year ahead?

  8. That outfit lookd both comfortable and really cute! And I love the glasses! On top of my wishlist right now is a simple, black pencil skirt, the kind that you can wear with anything. Unfortunately, for me, pencil skirts are the kind of skirts that have to be constructed well and in a certain way to look good on me, so I haven’t found a spesific one to stalk yet.

    1. I bought a really cute one with a little ruffle at the back from Victoria’s Secret online shop, maybe have a look there?

      I have tried heaps that do not suit me but this one is great!

    2. Yeah, my own hunt for perfect pencil skirts goes on too. You ever thought of having one custom-made for you? Surely couldn’t cost that much for a simple pencil skirt…

      1. Now there’s a thought! It would beat buying them online and then having to send them back, ’cause at least then I’d be left with an actual skirt.

  9. ZOMG Lilli! I just saw you on Feb Cosmo!!! I was flicking through the pages at the supermarket and then I saw a familiar cardigan and thought “wait… what???” and it was you!!! I just *had* to buy the magazine because reading your blog gives me a false sense of being friends with you and I was just so proud! Hehe! Keep up the good work!!!

  10. I want some silk shirts in a fitted style that I could wear to work (suitable for the um, bustier corporate gal). And some shorts that go to mid thigh in a cotton blend, size 18, less than $100! (the kind of thing that country road/witchery do only in my size please :)) and some decent neutral flats in a mid brown leather than I can wear with summery skirts.

      1. I know I’ve seen fitted silk blouses at Nina Kay, but I can’t seen them in cream on the website… also they’ve got massive big pussybows which might be exactly what you’re after. I’ll keep my eyes open for you both through 🙂

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