Honeysuckle Rose

Dress: Igigi

Belt: City Chic

Shoes: Diana Ferrari


So, apparently according to Those In The Know, the big colour for 2011 will be…. “Honeysuckle”.

I was unaware until this morning that there were official colours of the year, but Pantone’s polled graphic, industrial and fashion designers around the world, and the verdict is that the world needs more hot pink in it.

I for one couldn’t be more delighted.

Hot pink, fuchsia, honeysuckle, Pantone 18-2120 THX: Call it what you will, it’s a colour that I had a deep and abiding passion for, and the fact that it’s been deemed The Colour Of The Year means that I can find it everywhere… EVERYWHERE! *cue evil laugh*

I only have the one “honeysuckle” dress… though I recently acquired a “honeysuckle” skirt and several “honeysuckle” tops so I can’t exactly claim self-restraint. I think there’s a part of me aware that it’s feast or famine and while it’s The Colour at the moment, in a matter of months it’ll be gone. So buy up big now, right? Here’s a few of my favourite picks:


She By Cindy


Marks & Spencer




Dream Diva




Pinup Girl Clothing


Brilliant Belts




City Chic


Leona Edmiston


Marks & Spencer




21 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Rose

  1. The She by Cindy dress looks very Joan Holloway. I adore it!!

    I’m also a big fan of pink, honeysuckle, fuchsia… Whatever you want to call it, I like it! I think it works really well by itself or with black as an accent. And I love that, for once, there’s a colour in vogue that specifically favours the paler of complexion…

  2. Oh what an amazing idea, I for one will be celebrating the colour of the year I think, though it does mean I will have to BUY something that is ‘Honeysuckle’…. hmm…. c:

  3. Yay for a color that suits me, that I love and that makes me happy! Unlike afew years ago when mustard was big!

    Love your dress-what a gorgeous color! So happy!

  4. Was just going to post the Leona Edmiston dress – one of my favourites! Every time I wear it I get compliments!

    Love this colour, really suits you!

  5. I’m not a major pink fan – thanks to being forced to wear it until I was old enough to say no – but I do like this shade! It certainly suits you! Whether I can bring myself to actually purchase something in the colour is another matter.

    But it wont be until June if I do as my NYR is to not buy any new clothes until 1 June 2010! We’re going to Japan in July to visit friends and our old haunts and I need to save my pennies!

      1. I lived there from 2003 until 2005… and have longed to go back ever since! Unfortunately our finances have never stretched that far until now!!

  6. The color looks so nice on you!

    I have been off and on pink the past few years, but I think it’s due to the icky shades that have been en vogue. However honeysuckle is a lovely shade of pink, one I could totally get behind!

  7. My nails were painted a nice shade of ‘honeysuckle’ last night, and I didn’t even know it was the colour of the year. Well… I’m obviously very trendy, aren’t I?

    You look lovely in honeysuckle. In fact, let’s not call it pink ever again. Honeysuckle it now is. x

    1. Trendsetter! You’re ahead of the curve! I still haven’t quite got my new China Glaze Ruby Slippers out of my system, so every time I paint my nails it’s with that!

  8. This color looks so pretty on you! I’ve always been a pink girl but I’m liking the term “honeysuckle”. Although, I’m a honeysuckle girl doesn’t sound as cute as pink girl! 🙂 In any case, the dress looks lovely on you and I love the belt!

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