A Friend of Couture

Cardigan: Friends of Couture

Shirt: Victoria’s Secret

Skirt: Laura Ashley

Belt: City Chic

Shies: Chie Mihara


Just downstairs from The Sophisticate’s inner city pad is a Friends of Couture shop, and I always find myself stumbling to a stop in front of it because their clothes are Just. So. Yummy. They only go up to a size 14, which means that most of the time all I can do is look longingly with my nose pressed up against the window, but every so often one of their cardigans catches my eye and miracles upon miracles, they often fit!

No-one does embellished cardigans better than FoC: Buttons, bows, ribbons, prints… all very vintage, and all very fun.

This ladylike cardigan is printed with little nosegays of blue blossoms. It’s a cotton knit, so it’s perfect for adding just a touch of warmth during the warmer months.



13 thoughts on “A Friend of Couture

  1. I love FoC – I wish we had them in England. However, I would be like you – drooling over the beautiful clothes and never able to fit in them!! The cardigan is divine!!

  2. It’s really lovely to see a beige/cream background colour for florals too… I really don’t like whites (as I wear a lot of blacks) but the cream suits your black skirt!

    I’ve seen the FoC shoppe (online and in real life), but never been in!

  3. I have a cardigan similar – from kinki gerlinki. But love this outfit.
    Now….what to wear to a job interview in 35 degree heat????

  4. Hey Everyone!
    Lilli that looks so cute on you! Just wanted to let everyone know that you can find F.O.C
    on my website CARDIGANSTORE.COM.AU (featured by the lovely Lilli here in OCT!). As Lilli said they go to a 14 but most are generous in sizing and fit more like a 16…they are 100% cotton too which is so nice to wear!
    Free shipping and 40% off at the moment too!!:)

  5. when will some smart person start ripping off FoC in plus sizes??? or they could even try producing the larger sizes themselves. even with an extra 20-30% on the price tag i’d be buying every line.

  6. Pretty cardigan, and I still love that blouse *so* much! You should go in and tell them how sad you are that you aren’t able to spend your money with them (easier sad than done, I know), looking as stylish and cute as you look they might listen to you.

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