Dress: Bravissimo (Pepperberry)

Boots: Duo Boots


I’m not quite sold on this dress from Bravissimo. It’s made of a good quality fabric, and is fully lined. The length is good (though shorter than I’d anticipated) and the little pockets on the hips were a pleasant surprise.

It’s much more dowdy than I’d expected though, and – surprisingly for a Bravissimo/Pepperberry dress – it’s quite unflattering around the bust. On the Pepperberry website the neckline looks much more open, showcasing collarbones and the hint of cleavage. In reality the dress is extremely modest. To its detriment I suspect. The sleeves are also an awkward length, and I found the belt that came with the dress pretty ugly (just a personal thing) and decided to swap it out for something more classic.

Ah well, you win some you lose some, and at least it was on sale.

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  1. I would have to agree with Sarah that it’s the opposite of dowdy! I had to click through right away and comment because DANG, woman! You look gorgeous! 🙂

  2. You don’t look dowdy in it with your curves, you look lovely! I imagine the model is smaller than the dress and it is pinned, & that is why it looks like the neckline is wider than it does on you.


  3. As I was scrolling down, I thought the dress was really lovely, especially with the boots. Plus it is always good to have a dress that is a little less va-va-voom for those inevitable funerals and prudish aunt visits.

  4. Lilli, I had a peak on the dress on the website, and you’re right, the neckline appears to be a lot more revealing. I agree with you, the lower cut neckline would have made for a sexier dress and I’m not crazy about the sleeves. That said, I think you look fantastic in it! In my opinion, the length is perfect and it totally flatters your curves! I love how you paired it with the boots!

  5. I actually was looking at the photos and thought it gave you a great shape! I can see what you mean about the neckline but rather than dowdy i think its more old fashioned elegant. Looks great!

  6. I love it! I have a similar dress from Barkins and even though the tulip style is less flattering that what I usually wear the comfort, the pockets and the overall simple look mean I wear it at least once a week. I am so tempted to buy it but I am nervous about buying online due to sizing issues.

  7. wow, it’s gorgeous! I’m so envious you’re able to wear belts around your waist, my torso is too short for that. I can tell the sleeves are at that annoying length- not quite long enough, either above or below elbow, right? But you still look fantastic, and like the others say, hot!

  8. I actually think it looks much nicer on you than on the Pepperberry website! I like it on you. I suggest adding something colourful – a scarf, brooch or necklace – if you are worried about it looking too plain.

  9. My first thought was “Va Va Va Voom!” and then I read what you thought about it, lol. I think it’s a sexy dress not dowdy at all. It has a touch of classic style (think Breakfast at Tiffany’s) which I really like. You look fab as always!

  10. hmmm, i love the dress-think it looks gorgeous and perfect for a nice stylish but not too sexy work dress. I like the sleeve length!! And glad it isnt any longer as well!!

  11. OK I have two things to say: firstly that dress looks great, although I would be disappointed if I thought a neckline was less revealing than the pic made it out to be. I really like the sleeves too.

    However I have purchased my first three items from Pepperberry, and I have to say I think they’re kind of a crock with their claims that their clothes are made for different bust sizes. All three items (two empire waist casual tops and a surplice neckline dress) had a bust line that was way higher than it should be. The fabric was really nice, good quality, but I honestly think that whoever is doing their pattern grading doesn’t appreciate that larger boobs on a larger frame generally mean that the boobs are sitting lower. Either that or their house model is really short in the torso. I’ve seen this problem with a few of the UK brands that make larger sizes – Dorothy Perkins and Boden – both have nice clothes but their grading doesn’t really work, unlike the specialist lines like Kiyonna or igigi.

    On a positive note, I’ve been waiting to see if you are going to review carmakoma? The items I’ve bought from them are so far really good.

  12. It looks like you’ve got plenty of people telling you how great that dress looks on you, but I just had to stop and say va-va-va-voom! It is understated sexy, but the boots push it up a notch. Great pairing!

  13. I’ve been eyeing off this dress too, I think it looks better on you than the model, not dowdy at all. How thin is the fabric?

  14. You seem to be handy with a sewing machine, maybe shorten the sleeves a tad if you’re uncomfortable with the length of them? And I understand how you thought the neckline would be lower… I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with that alteration myself. I agree with above comments that sometimes it’s good to have an lbd that isn’t so va va voom. 🙂

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