Urban Fantastic

Top: Glassons

Skirt: Charlie Brown

Bolero: City Chic

Tights: Ambra

Shoes: Wittner


At work this week I’ve been busy on tour with a VIP author named Cassandra Clare who writes a wonderful urban fantasy series called The Mortal Instruments series.

Today saw the end of the sell-out tour, and Dymocks Booksellers in Melbourne hosted a wrap-party.

I thought there would be no better occasion to wear a long, black tutu skirt, and I think I fitted in well with the excited teenage girls – a large number of whom had arrived in costume!

It also gave me the opportunity to show-off my new lace bolero from City Chic

It’s actually part of City Chic‘s new sleepwear range, but if you don’t tell anyone I wore my pajamas out today I won’t!

I actually really like the way it pretties up this stripy black top, and it matches with the tulle of the skirt perfectly. It’s a lovely delicate eyelash lace and fastens with a ribbon bow that’s attached to the bolero with wee little diamantes.

It’s totally versatile too: In winter it looks great layered over long sleeves – adding a bit of old-world charm to a basic top. In summer I think it’ll make a nice cover-up over both strappy and strapless tops. In fact, the only place I CAN’T imagine wearing it is in bed!

Better still, it’s currently half-price on the City Chic Website – bit annoying because I bought it at full price – but good news for any readers who like the look of it. I think the sales only running until 9am on Tuesday the 31st (AEST) so hop to it!

19 thoughts on “Urban Fantastic

  1. I love this piece too from City Chic. I bought two so that I could have one for day and one for sleepwear. I love it and love this post. It adds a little elegance! Great outfit. x.

  2. You are just posting winner after winner lately. This immediately got saved to the Sartorial Inspiration folder on my computer 🙂

  3. I love the bolero! I would wear it during the day, too. My night time attire consists of tshirts and sleep pants (sometimes I go crazy and do sleep shorts) and would never require a bolero, lol.

  4. That looks FABULOUS! Also, I totally love the Mortal Instruments series… it is fantastic! What a awesome week being around young people all jazzed up about reading!

  5. How odd they think you’d sleep in the bolero? But it so suits the outfit- add a tiny bit if frou frou! But not toooo much! Outfit is pretty and glam! Love it!

  6. Sleepwear? All I can think is that I move around so much in my sleep that I would wake up twisted around my neck and dreaming about getting choked by a doily.

    However as daywear it looks absolutely amazing and I demand you wear it tomorrow.

  7. I love this outfit. I’d never have thought of pairing the bolero with the stripy top, but it’s perfect. You would not believe the number of sequinned and/or lacy shrugs now listed in my eBay watch list(!)

  8. The little lace bolero is just perfect! I can totally see this with the strappy shirts of summer! I think pairing it with the stripped shirt was genius, Lilli! Trust you to come up with such a creative pairing! 🙂

  9. I want to declare you a genius for the way you’re wearing this bolero, but I feel it’s a bit excessive. Clothing genius! If there’s such a thing as a clothing genius, you are it!:=) I love the outfit, obvs.

  10. I love this outfit – I find it funny that the previous day (?) you wore striped stockings too 🙂

    The shrug makes the stripes look glam.

    I am keen on the shrug but think I will need to try on a small in store – what is the sizing like? Would it fit a 10?

  11. Lovely skirt.

    I used to read Cassandra Clare back when she was writing Harry Potter fanfiction and controversially appropriating other texts without credit (which mattered not to me, but did to others apparently). Small world. I enjoyed her fanfic more than the published stuff, but lucky for her she’s making a living from it now 🙂

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