Out Back

Top: Glassons

Vest: Target

Cardigan: Glassons

Skirt: Pearl & Elspeth via Georgie Love

Boots: Duo Boots


This is my second Pearl and Elspeth skirt – you might remember my first from here – and like the first it’s been lovingly constructed by Annie from P&E from a bit of True Blue Australian Ephemera (this time a rustic linen tablecloth, apparently).

Obviously, having been handmade from vintage souvenirs, Annie’s pieces are one-offs and I’ve learnt to snap them up quickly if I don’t want to miss out. When I saw this skirt on Annie’s own blog I emailled her pronto and asked how I could get my hot little hands on it before anyone else got a chance! Fortunately for me the skirt had been sent to the (delicious) Sally at Georgie Love but hadn’t been listed on the website yet, so I managed to pip you all at the post (sorry!).

Really, when you see the back – who could blame me! I love the border of Australian flora and fauna so much that I’m tempted to wear the skirt backwards!

19 thoughts on “Out Back

  1. You won’t believe it, but I HAVE that rustic linen table cloth – it’s hanging on my bedroom wall as I type! My grandmother brought it back years and years ago from one of her trips to Australia (where all her family is) and passed it to me a while back. I knew I loved it on the wall, but now I’m tempted to get out the needle and thread…

  2. Which duos are they Lilli? I love them!

    And I love the back of the skirt. I actually love the exposed zip trend.

  3. I totally understand why you’re tempted to wear it backwards, it’s so pretty! I *love* that you’re not afraid to stand out, Lilli!

  4. oo, I’d totally go for wearing the skirt backwards! the other side is cute as well, but, the placement of the word ‘Australia’ seems a bit…um…iffy….

    1. hehe I thought the same thing…but wearing it on the back would make for the same…”down under” situation I guess 😉

      I do love the skirt though, it’s gorgeous! I especially love the back! Very special piece! I also like that the rest of your outfit is simple, letting the skirt take all of the attention 🙂
      I just found your blog and I really love your style! 🙂

      1. Thanks, Marlein! I thought the same thing, and eventually decided to stock to Annie’s original plan for the skirt! I’m glad you found me & are enjoying reading. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Love the skirt!!! I love the front more than the back-just lucky tassie isnt on the front!! ANd the boots are awesome! Whoo hoo!!! Aussie kitsch rocks!!! But i think i love the cockatoo more still……

  6. Thank goodness it’s not just a map of Tassie!!
    :O oh c’mon some one had to say it! tee hee hee
    It’s a brilliant skirt, I love love love them both! I wish she made them in bigger sizes, I’d love one of them (it’d have to be one helluva tablecloth to fit around me though 🙁

  7. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the recommendation of Duo Boots a few weeks back. I usually don’t order anything I haven’t tried on first, but after two weeks of dithering over whether or not to try their boots, I took the plunge and ordered. I was a bit worried until they arrived — and they fitted perfectly!

    In the two (rather cold) weeks since they arrived, I think I’ve worn sneakers for a day, heels for a day, and the rest of the time I’ve worn my wonderful new boots. Deep down, I’d given up on ever finding boots to fit my calves, but these not only fit, they’re wonderfully comfortable and work so well with trousers or skirts.

    Thank you so much. I never would have found them without your advice, and it’s the best $160 I’ve ever spent.


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