Muted Rainbow

Dress: Bravissimo

Cardigan: Eliza Parker

Belt: Kinki Gerlinki

Shoes: Chie Mihara


On the website this Bravissimo dress appeared to be a riot of brightly coloured stripes, but in reality it’s a much more muted palette. I love my bright colours and was a smidge disappointed when I opened the package originally, but the dusky hues have grown on me.

I was going to pack this dress up with the rest of my summer-wear, but it turns out that the colours suit autumn to a tee, and paired with a long draped cardigan for warmth it’s more trans-seasonal than I gave it credit for.

I belted it with a thin love-heart belt from Kinki Gerlinki (a bit small, but adorable nevertheless) to give the outfit some shape.

And since nothing else in the outfit is black, I’ve gone the final splash of colour with my vibrant Chie Mihara teal heels.

41 thoughts on “Muted Rainbow

  1. Every time I look at something you’re wearing and think “stunning”, it ends up being Eliza Parker! Yet I look at the website and don’t get the same feeling – even when I recognise the item as being something you have. The clothes just suit you so well.

    1. Thanks Kate – I’ve heard really great things about them from lots of other people as well, I thing Jessica’s just done an amazing job of fitting the styles.

    2. I so agree with Kate that somehow Eliza Parker’s website doesn’t do anything for me. Lilli they should hire you as a model. I seriously think their models put me off, don’t know why.

  2. I really like this outfit. The muted colours are very autumnal! I also really like the cardigan belted over the top look on everyone but ME! It always looks silly on me.

    1. Claire i think it looks silly on me too-which is such a shame cos when it looks good it looks so stylish!

    2. Thanks Monkey – I’m not usually very good at it myself – I think because the knit on this cardigan was so thin it worked better than most of my chunkier cardi’s. So I’d try a long, thin-knit cardigan worn open with a thin belt.

  3. I love the dress and the belt and the complete outfit. And since a few posts I have to say that your legs are looking wonderful!
    I although love the eliza parker clothes at you, but when i take a look in the shop nothing there looks so good like in your pictures and sadly it is all a little bit to expensive for me 🙁

    1. Thanks, Mitten Paws – I scored them off eBay for a song, and they’re just fab. Originally I wasn’t sure about the colour/style, but bought them because they’re Chie Mihara (and she does the MOST comfortable shoes) but they’ve become one of my most-worn pairs!

  4. Stunning! I love the way the cardi is belted. Which cardigan from Eliza Parker is it? I found one close on the website, but it doesn’t match the color. It looks more blue-grey here, which is a definate plus 🙂

  5. Hi,

    Lovely outfit as always… just a heads up; I just got a new spanx thats real lightweight and sheer for the summer months and I thought you might like it. It fits slim and feels light. So far mine doesn’t roll too bad, and makes me feel much less like I’m wearing multiple layers then my regular spanx. It does make the unfortunate panty hose sound a little, but so far its the most breathable and easiest solution I’ve found yet.


  6. I too have the dress and have wondered about whether to pack it away or keep wearing. Mind you the weather the last 2 days has been sooooo cold I have been positively swaddled!

    (love the cardi btw)

  7. I bought this dress after you first posted on it and somehow managed to get bleach on it the VERY FIRST DAY I WORE IT! I almost cried!

    It’s not really that noticeable but it’s somehow taken the shine off the dress for me. Maybe I should dig it out again and try some to wear it autumn-style!

    1. Oh NO, Jess! Where’s the bleach stain (BTW, I’ve totally done that before) Is it somewhere you can applique a little heart or wear a brooch or something?

      1. It’s on the skirt of the dress so it would kind of look conspicious if I covered it up I think. It’s not toooo noticeable but man I was annoyed!

      1. Really? I’ve had a look but I think it might be an issue of vs. because I can’t see it at all. I’m probably an 18 super curvy…

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