Blouse: Liz Jordan @ Noni B

Vest: Target

Skirt: Queen Clothing


Happy easter, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying extra-long weekends.

I’ve spent most of it in bed laid up with a pretty miserable head-cold, but I’m definitely on the road to recovery.

Today The Sophisticate and I took a drive down to spend the rest of the holiday with his folks in Leongatha, and I’m ensconced in front of an open fire with a cup of green tea and the promise of a yummy home-cooked meal ahead of me, so life’s looking up.

It’s a remarkably restrained year for me egg-wise (secret: easter eggs are my favourite form of chocolate consumption. Especially refrigerated ones). In the post-easter purge when all the delicious hollow eggs are discounted I’m fully intending to embarrass myself in a bacchanalian gorge to make up for it 😉

Shoes: Poetic License


I bought these chevron backseam pantyhose from David Jones when I went in to replace the polkadot tights that I’d put my finger through on first wear.  I assumed that because the spotty ones fit so well, these would too (same brand, same size, you’d think, wouldn’t you?) but alas they bag around the ankles, bag around the knees and ride down.


Tights: Voodoo


I guess the hunt for good grey tights goes on.

The little pin I bought from a little antiques stall in Missouri – It was only a few dollars, and I can’t believe I deliberated over it for even a moment, it’s a lovely piece and every time I wear it I remember warmly the experience of being in the US and meeting The Sophisticate’s most gorgeous extended family.


14 thoughts on “Eggcellent

  1. happy easter!!
    blouse is just awesome! everything is, but i was looking for such blouse and couldn’t find anything that fits :/ the only hope is with our forum friend that is going to start her own brand with clothes for boobie girls 😉
    and chocolate eggs yeah 😉 i understand what you mean, girl 😉 when i was a little girl someone brought me cadbury’s egg with marzipan white and yolk. it was extremely sweet and one couldn’t eat one egg at once but… 😉
    as for thights i always prefer stockings 😉 and i discovered Polish brand that is known worldwide already. it’s called fiore:
    big big hug!

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous!!!

    Love the whole outfit!

    Hope the cold goes quickly and that some cut price choc eggs helps a great deal!!!

  3. Lilli, that skirt is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! And that pin is just lovely! I love pins and the only reason I don’t wear them more often is because of the holes they leave in clothing, especially knit fabrics. Any ideas on how to prevent this from happening? It’s a shame about the tights–they are stunners! Feel better and Happy Easter!

    1. Hmn… Maybe you could mod them with a couple of magnets? Glue one to the pin, and have the opposing one on the inside of the top? I used to have a name badge that did that, and I never had any problem with it falling off or marking the fabric.

  4. You mention everything but the skirt! Maybe it’s an Australian thing and I’m just out of the loop, but what is printed on the front of it?

  5. Oh, those tights…cute! I think I read somewhere that if you wear gloves while putting on tights…you can prevent runs (I haven’t worn tights in so long because I always put my finger through the first time). Have you ever tried it? Tights look to be in my future again if it works!

  6. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I was delighted to see mention of Missouri in this post! I am from St. Louis, Missouri. Where did you visit in the state while you were here? The pin and the entire outfit are lovely! 🙂

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