Casual, er, Tuesday

Shirt: Jeanswest

Cardigan: Eliza Parker

Skirt: Sussan

Boots: Boots for Broads


Today is the last day of our long, long weekend and – apart from being rudely woken at 5am by drunken louts on the door bell – it was a satisfyingly lazy one.

A much more welcome individual rang the door bell at ten: the postie (mysteriously working on a public holiday) with a parcel of goodies from the delicious Jessica at Eliza Parker which included this “Double Tie Cardigan

It’s the perfect piece for casual comfort, and it comes with an obi sash, though I’m wearing it open today because the weather was quite mild. It’s made a light jersey fabric, making it a good trans-seasonal piece, and I really like the long cuffs. It sits well open or closed.

Also excellent for comfort are my Boots For Broads Kerrin Boots. They’re a little bit big in the calf, and I usually wear them over jeans, but they’re a lovely soft leather, and with a pair of big fleecy innersoles they’re as comfortable as slippers to wear.

I’ve blogged about the experience of shopping with Boots For Broads before (here and here, mostly) so I won’t go on about it, but I’ve got a wide-calf-boot lust-list in the works, so stay tuned for that!





8 thoughts on “Casual, er, Tuesday

  1. Oh how I love those boots! I require a wide calf boot so I am looking forward to see what you’re lusting after! The cardi is just darling and the color is perfect! I love the fit of that denim skirt. However, I checked out the Susann website and the jeans, though swoon worthy are so unaffordable, at least for my budget. I wanted to cry, cause they were so gorgeous, and God knows how difficult it is for a curvy girl to find a good pair of jeans! 🙁

  2. Grey tights. Buy 70m denier from Sussanes. I have 11 pairs of tights for there that I bought last winter. No sagging, sorft waste, soft as satin. Buy, buy, buy…They have grey. They also do 120 Denier. xxx

  3. Luvin the boots Lilli, I majorly splurged the other week and bought a pair of Bennetts Boots, OMG LOVE those boots!!! so comfy, so pretty!! lol The best part is they do 3 ranges of calf widths!!

  4. Thanks so much for the links to your pages where you discussed Boots for Broads. I’ll definately put an order in with them – and I’ll send you a photo seeing as though I have such hard to fit legs! Thanks again for such a great blog. I’m really inspired – I’ve spent too long ensconced inside my puffy vest!

  5. Um, when youre hanging round doing nothing at home or out for a walk is this your casual? My trackie daks dont cut it!!! You look gorgeous!

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