Wide-Calf Boots: Boots For Broads

Jeans: Sussan
Woo! Finally cool enough to have another punt at profiling my collection of Wide-Calf Boots!
I was so excited to discover Boots For Broads towards the end of 2008 that despite the fact we were knocking on the door of a long, hot, Australian summer, I went right ahead and placed an order almost immediately.
What makes Boots For Broads so special? Well, for one thing they come from my old hometown, Canberra. Also, they custom make the boots from scratch, which means that if you have narrow ankles, wide calves and wide feet (like me) you can still get perfectly fitting boots without having to sacrifice fit. You simply fill out Janice & Elizabeth’s exhaustive measurement form and the girls at Boot For Broads take care of everything else. The cost is pretty on par for a regular pair of leather boots, but it’s fully refundable if you’re not completely satisfied, which seems extraordinary to me.
There’s only a limited number of styles, but they’re all there: pointy toes, slouchy fit, heels, flats, even a cowboy boot. There’s three colours too, black (obviously) brown (obviously) and… red (woohoo!) It’s the red that led me to Boots For Broads.
Being completely, utterly honest here, the quality isn’t as good as you’ll find with store-bought boots. I have two pairs, and both are kind of coming away from the soles, but it’s a small matter to have them patched back together. And the opportunity to have perfectly fitting leather boots for AUD$250 is too good to miss.
Meanwhile, do you like my new antique collar necklace? It came from Tree & Kimball on Etsy. She has the most fantastic jewellery constructed out of vintage lace and beads.

Necklace: Tree & Kimball

13 thoughts on “Wide-Calf Boots: Boots For Broads

  1. Cutest outfit EVAR! (Like, OMG!) Seriously, though, I love the fitted green jacket, skinny jeans and adorable collar-necklace. They look great on you. I don't mean to sound all self-hate-y, but seeing your outfits always makes me wish I had a more proportional body. Augh.

  2. This is a stunning outfit! The jacket is a beautiful cut (I love VM and Cue!) and the colour looks divine on you. Casual, yet sophisticated! Love it!

  3. You look gorgeous!! Your blog gives me a serious case of clothes envy and I wish I had your talent for putting outfits together 🙂

  4. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    Cath, I bought the jacket late last year, from memory 🙂

    Hi Bombshell, nope – my usual specs, but I'm thinking it might be time to invest in a new pair…

  5. Just found your blog and its fantastic. Im not a skinny minny so its great to see what normal size women can wear. I love the green jacket soooooo much.

  6. Gorgeous and inspirational! Just a thought: reckon you can set your link settings to open another browser? SO frustrating to navigate away from your page all the time… xxx

  7. LOVE that green. You seriously look fabulous in everything you wear. I want you to be my stylist.

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