Dress: Eliza Parker

Hat: Vintage (from Donna’s Dress Shop)

Gloves: Chitra’s Closet

Socks: Jonathon Aston

Shoes: City Chic


A spot of deco-inspired accessorizing today in my lace fingerless gloves, and patterned socks.

The hat knocks it a little over into “costume” territory, so to be honest I didn’t actually wear it out, just for the blog photos in the afternoon.

I like the cooler weather we’ve finally started having (off and on!) because it means I can wear some of my heavier frocks – this great piece from Eliza Parker included.

It’s a wonderfully rich eggplanty purple, that’s perfect for autumn

22 thoughts on “Deco-rated

  1. You look amazing (as always!). You look like you just stepped out of the 1930s. I love it! I don;t think the hat pushes it over…you could totally pull it off.

    I’m so envious of your ability to pull of amazing outfits! 🙂

  2. I love this entire outfit! The gloves are awesome, though I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable trying to wear them. But you can definitely pull them off!

  3. Wear the hat! It looks pretty.
    P.S. Veronika Maine has AWESOME stuff ATM – I spent the GDP of a small African nation there yesterday.

  4. waooooouh i follow your blog for long years !! and your outfits are sooooooo cute !!! but we don’t see your shoes enough ! you have to show them better 🙂

    see you & kisses

  5. LOVE that dress and the hat really does work perfectly. I’m not digging the arm warmers though. With the socks, it looks like you may be trying to pull off a lace bodystocking underneith the dress. :/

  6. I’ve always wondered why you call the “Sophisticate” the Sophisticate, but can I say that you personify absolute sophistication in this outfit and will look like arm candy (as always!) in this outfit, Lilli? How very beautiful! I love the socks, and the hat and the gloves! It’s just so old school charm! And I just swooned when I saw this dress. You are another fashion blogger I live vicariously through and I look forward to each and every single one of your posts! 🙂

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