Orange You Glad To See Me?

Dress: Bettie Page Clothing

Shoes: Chie Mihara

Having a bit of a camera/tripod dilemma at the moment, so the blog posts are a bit few and far between. Plus I’m off to Sydney tomorrow for Sales Conference (on Valentine’s Day… Splendid timing, head office) but hopefully I’ll be back to a more regular posting schedule by the end of next week!

I’ve worn this dress a few times since buying it from the Bettie Page Shop in San Francisco, but I’ve never had the opportunity to photograph it before. It’s a teeeeeensy bit disappointing on film – evidentally it’s one of those items that looks better in person than in does in photographs. It’s a lovely autumnal colour though, and since Melbourne’s gone back to being quite chilly (I actually saw a woman wearing boots over jeans today!) it’s just the thing.

Early days yet, but how’re the tags going? I decided to blog this one under “Autumn” even though it’s officially the middle of summer here because it’s an outfit probably more suitable to cooler months, than those with 35 degree plus days.

15 thoughts on “Orange You Glad To See Me?

  1. I also saw a woman wearing boots over jeans today in Slurry Hills, Sydney….as per the title of this post, I am always glad to see what’s next and your fabulous fashions. Orange is vastly under-rated. Love the dress.

  2. I like the colour – its a beautiful autumnal colour. What dilemma’s are you having with camera and tripod? I’m saving up for a new camera and I think a gorilla pod. After seeing all the mofo cameras at last week’s London blogging event, I had supreme camera envy and realised my phone camera could quite compete!

  3. It’s really a great color and style! I would suggest a different bra (can make all the difference), a black or brown belt, and hem it up an inch or two. I was wondering all this time, which dresses you chose – and this was one of my picks! I hope your camera gets fixed quickly, I miss your posts! =)

  4. It’s beautiful, and it looks good photographed to me.

    Just a quick tip – I’d tag this one under ‘dress’ too… so that everyone can search for dresses and see your collection, and maybe even ‘International buys’.


  5. I adore the neckline of this dress. Looks quite the thing for sophisticated office lady. I too am wondering why it was a disappointing dress to photograph? Today in the US in the middle of the country I had my windows open, in FEBRUARY! Last Monday it was below freezing, now one week later short sleeve weather. Weird!

  6. I love the neckline on this dress and also the length of the sleeves. I don’t like to leave my arms exposed if I can help it and these are just perfect! And I love the vintage vibe it gives off! Lovely!

  7. I like the tags, but if u\you are taking suggestions I’d also like colours tagged. Because I have been known to stand in front of the closet going “gaahhhhhhhhh what shoes can I wear with this green top that seemed like a good idea in the shops’. It’s what mainly stops me buying colours to be honest :S

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