Yep, that’s right, the Frocks and Frou Frou Wall is no more.

A short while ago The Sophisticate and I decided to take the plunge and move in with one another! It’s exciting, but it was a bit nerve-wracking trying to figure out what I’d do about my blog shots without easy access to a big sunny courtyard with a conveniently positioned ledge.

I get all shy and silly when people watch me pose for the camera so the traditional Melbourne thing of graffiti-backdropped alley shots wasn’t exactly an option (not to mention it doesn’t exactly match my vintage aesthetic!).

Fortunately The Sophisticate’s pad is a heritage-listed apartment building in the hipster heart of Melbourne’s CBD. It was built in the 1930’s, and after some trial and error I discovered that the gorgeous coppery elevators made a convincingly retro setting for me to showcase my outfits.


Dress: Eliza Parker

Belt: Barkins

Shoes: Chie Mihara

What do you think? The other option is to move some furniture around to manufacture a blank wall in the apartment itself.


51 thoughts on “Fare-wall

  1. Looks great and suits you but is a little dark – can you lighten the snaps a bit??? Congrats on the big move in together!!!!

  2. phew…thought you were fare walling the blog-what a relief!

    Yay for the big move in!

    Are those the new chie shoes-they are gorgeous!!!! Its such a shame that no where in melbourne stocks them so i can try them on size wise before taking the huge financial plunge-they are gorgeous shoes!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I’ve followed your blog for sometime and am super happy to see you so happy 🙂

    Love the elevators!

  4. the wall in the courtyard totally worked but not all blank walls would. I think blank walls in homes aren’t always so effective. The courtyard had a nice split between the tiled floor and the wall.

    The new one is lovely. Keep it.

    And congrats!

  5. Congrats on the big move! Much happiness to you both. I love the elevators, and the floor. Must be a splendid building!

  6. Aww! I shall miss the wall but big CONGRATULATIONS on the moving in! That’s wonderful news!

    Personally I think a plainer background would be better to showcase your daily wares – or maybe mix it up a bit. I do love the lifts though! How retro! I love it.

  7. Lady you would look great standing in front of hay bales!
    The backdrop is gorgeous and lovel….who cares about the backdrop!! You moved in with your love!!
    I love love stories. 🙂

  8. I love the copper elevator backdrop! It totally suits you and your style! And may I say your shoes made me swoon! Be still my heart! Lilli, they are gorgeous!

  9. Lose a backdrop, gain a Sophisticate. Bravo on your new logistics.

    You, meanwhile, could be photographed in front of anything and it would still pale in comparison with your stylish self.

    I also suggest you find a willing fellow-blogger (you will be fighting them off) to get shots of your outfits in different locations (perhaps when they are quiet…) I also think you should get over the shyness factor, if only because oyu are doing such a great community service to the fashion industry!

  10. Congrats on moving in together, I hope you have much felicity! I also like the elevators, but I love all art deco architecture. The shoes…drool! You look like one happy lady.

    1. Hey Cilla! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled. So far this was the best place, lighting & backdrop-wise, but I haven’t explored all the nooks and crannies yet!

  11. Ohh I like the new spot. The rich color there is perfect 🙂
    Congrats on your recent move…may it bring you lots of happiness!

    And one questions….Do you use a tripod/remote for your photos?

    1. Hey DJ – I used to use a convenient ledge to prop the camera on, but since I moved we’ve had to invest in a tripod.No remote – I just put the camera on timer, then dash in front of the lens, lol!

    1. The plain wall was definitely better for showing off the outfit – I’m going to keep my eye out, and maybe I can mix it up a little.
      The Sophisticate is a wonderful friend who supported my enormously during the horrible time I was having during the break-up. Gradually he became more. He’s also been a massive advocate of the blog, and building it. He’s the one who set me up with the dot.com so I guess he’s a bit of everything: Boyfriend, best friend AND blog pal!

  12. I love the new backdrop. Very pretty, and congrats on the new place. Hope things are all you ever dreamed of and more.

  13. Congratulations on moving in together!
    You look adorable.
    It was never the wall that held the charm, you look lovely against any backdrop.
    Looking forward to more posts, from your new home.

  14. Been watching quietly for ages…I’m so envious of your shoes, I bought a pair on ebay but the lovely Chie Miharas are too narrow for my broad clodhoppers! I love love love the lifts, but everyone else is right, you could be standing in front of anything! I don’t know you except for your blog but it makes me smile that someone lovely in the world has found some (alright lots) of happiness! 😀

    1. Hey kellytubbie – Oh no, how annoying! It’s weird, because I’ve got two pairs that are perfect (and I’ve got pretty wide feet myself) and one pair that’s just agaony. It might be that they still have to be broken in, but the flats definitely seem to be a narrower fit than the heels!

  15. Love the background, but not for modelling. Looks vintage & great, but it distracts a lot. Hard to really focus on the outfit (the light is also worse I think)
    But enjoy your new place, flaunting around (but modeeling somewhere else, pretty please?)

  16. Congratulations! New place, new wall… I was admiring the wall behind you as I got up-to-date on posts I’ve missed over the last few months, but as I was going back from the most recent post I had no idea that it was such an important change. I hope that everything goes well for you both–certainly your photo shoots have not suffered!

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