A+ for Asos

Dress: Asos

Shoes: Hush Puppies

Moments after I ordered this dress online from Asos I was hit with a bad case of buyer’s remorse. At $116 it was a pretty big gamble for a store that I’d never ordered from before. The size chart could be skewy, the quality could be off… I’d heard massively varying things about the products, and $116 was over half-way to a dress I’d fallen head-over-heels with on ModCloth.

Usually when I’m dealing with an online store for the first time I prefer to start small, and work my way up to a big investment piece, but I’d been keen to give Asos a whirl for a very long time, and this dress seemed to be right up my alley. Unlike 90% of the dresses on offer it didn’t have a crotch-skimming hemline, but was a most lady-like tea length. The delicate broderie embroidery looked enticing, and encouragingly breezy. I liked the navy blue, and the 50’s style silhouette. The free shipping sealed the deal.

I was thrilled with it when it arrived. The cotton’s gossamer thin so it’s perfect for these ghastly humid days that Melbourne’s suffering through at the moment. It was badly crushed in transit, but once I’d ironed it out it survived the day remarkably smoothly. It’s well-made and the size chart was spot on; which I hear is a rare occurrence!

All in all I couldn’t be happier with my first Asos order (well, unless it had pockets, but you can’t have everything)


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  1. I’m delighted that your first experience with ASOS worked out so well. I put in my first order with them a few weeks ago and was thrilled with everything that arrived. Hurrah!

    1. It’s so rare to see longer hemlines at Asos! It’s usually either minis or maxis! Probably a good thing for my credit card though, I love so much of their range!

  2. Oh I’m so glad ASOS worked out for you! That dress is truly gorgeous and suits you beautifully. ASOS is amazing and it has totally revitalised my wardrobe after years of being filled with just Evans and the odd New Look Inspire.

    1. How have you found the range, Monkey? A lot of people are asking, but because I’ve only tried this dress I can’t really give that informed an opinion. How’s sizing consistency?

      1. ASOS sizing is very all over the place. Sometimes stuff is WAAAY too big and other times too small and sometimes just right. I always size up – better too big than small right – and 90% of the time its too big. The general shape is good – suits the fuller figure – ie generous around the hairs and waist and hips. Sometimes the quality does not not the price but mostly its excellent quality for reasonable price (although ASOS sales are AMAZING! Sooo cheap!).

        ps – I don;t work for ASOS! haha!

  3. Absolutely lovely. would you mind sharing what size you purchased? And were any of the items you purchased from the Curve range? If so how was that sizing?
    Sorry for so many questions.

    1. Hey melly! Thanks! I love it too. I bought an 18 in the regular range and it fit fine. I think the size chart’s a little conservative though, the waist should have been really tight but I’ve got a little room to breathe. I’ve heard that the sizing in the Curve range can be a bit inconsistent though. I’d like to try them… maybe for some trousers.

  4. First, your hair is amazing. Love it. Second, the dress fits you really well, so does the no sleeves. You look great!
    I never had a buyer’s remorse because I kind of get obsessed with a garment for weeks before I buy it online (sometimes I also go into sale) 🙂

  5. I have my eye on 3 to 4 dresses in the ASOS and ASOS Curve range, but I’m unsure of their sizing. It seems so odd that their plus-size range only starts at a size 20? Especially since their models sure don’t look like size 20s!

    As a fellow Aussie, what size did you end up getting and do you think it’s true size?

    It’s a beautiful dress! Such a beautiful 50s colour – which is rocking the backdrop!

    1. Hi Jess, I haven’t tried the Curve range, but I’ve heard that the fluctuations in size are particularly rife with the Curve range. I got the size 18 in this dress from their regular range, and it I ordered off the size chart. It was pretty spot on, maybe a leetle conservative. The waist should be really tight on me, but I’ve got a bit of breathing space. The Curve models all do seem to be quite small, don’t they. I always try to watch the videos because I think they pin them on the models, and it least when you see them walking you can tell what it REALLY looks like.

  6. Omg this dress looks stunning on you! I love the 50s full skirt. You have given me the biggest lemming, it is going to be soooo hard to resist buying this too! <3 xoxoxo

  7. Hey Lilli, the dress is amazing on you! I have been reading your blog for months now, but never commented. You are so stunning and beautiful and I admire your creativity in your style and clothing. I’m a plus size girl myself and you are truly inspiring! (I may or may not have bookmarked several of your outfits for shopping/sewing inspiration).

    Anyhoodle, I’m going to a wedding this May, do you think this dress could be smart enough for that? Style-wise it’s just what I would go for, I just wonder if it could be dressed up enough for that occasion.

    Much love from Germany,


    1. Hi Jo – what’s the dress code for the wedding? It’s quite a light dress so it’d be good for an outdoor daytime wedding, but it might not be dressy enough for something in the evening 🙂

  8. You look absolutely lovely Lilli! This dress has such a lovely vintage-y vibe to it, and the color and embroidery are fantastic! What a great pick 🙂

    I recently placed my first order with ASOS in many years. I was quite delighted with their cute shipping update emails (and the free shipping to the US!).

  9. Hey Lilli,
    I started on the slippery slope that is buying things from asos last november, and I’m hooked!!!

    They have supplied me with some AWESOME bargains in that time, I mainly shop in the sale section, as the sale items are a season behind and are usually current for the season we’re in over here in Oz… their shoes are also true to size, I’m a size 38 or 7.5 here, and a UK size 5 fits like a glove 🙂
    Gorgeous shoe boots (leather), gorgeous oxfords for prices I couldn’t get here (around AUD$30) in the sale section



  10. I’m glad you’ve had good luck with your order.

    My last order from them (which may well be my last order), featured both a dress and a skirt that were several inches larger than the size chart indicated. I was able to take in the skirt myself, but the dress ending up costing an extra $25 in alterations, and when I emailed them to ask what was up with their sizing, they pretty much refused to do anything about it, and I had to publicly post on their website to get them to take my issue to garment tech.

    But a dress that costs 25 in GBP + $25 AUD in alterations still kinda trumps the cost of an an average fat girl dress in Australia so I can’t really afford to boycott them.

  11. Love the dress. Love the Asos! It’s fantastic isn’t it?

    And I love the new backdrop. You’ll definitely have to do more Vintage looks to match that stunning vista! I do miss the wall though – the stark plainness offset the divine beauty of your clothing choices.

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