By The Hour(glass)

Singlet: Giordano

Jacket: City Chic

Jeans: Sussan

Shoes: City Chic

Belt: Dorothy Perkins


Speaking of buyer’s remorse. I’ve got a serious case of it over this jacket.

It’s not that it was expensive (it wasn’t) or that it’s poorly made (it’s not) or even that it doesn’t fit well (it does) but that I just waited too long to wear it for the first time.

It sounds a little crazy, I know. But if I don’t wear something as soon as it’s arrived it kind of loses a bit of appeal for me. Maybe I’ve been conditioned by my childhood; I was one of those little girls who carried their old shoes home in the shoe box, because they were wearing the new ones. Or maybe it’s just good old second thoughts.

I didn’t even impulse buy this jacket! I saw it in City Chic, loved it, imagined all the different ways I could wear it, then came back again and again until I finally sucked it up and bought it.

Then I got it home, and lo, it didn’t work with any of the outfits I’d had planned for it.

Because of the ruffles on the hips it created the most extraordinary hourglass shape, but the waist is too high (or maybe my bust too full) which means that when I teamed it with my pencil skirts it created the most bizarre double hipped silhouette ever. Over an a-line or full skirt it looked Edwardian, and too old fashioned even for me.

For its maiden voyage I’ve gone back to what I was wearing the day I tried it on the first time. A pair of higher waisted jeans, and a white singlet. And it looks great, but I like every item in my wardrobe to have more than one application, so it remains to be seen whether it survives the next cull.





52 thoughts on “By The Hour(glass)

  1. I vote keep it, cause it makes you look va-va-voom. I just showed your blog to my non-fashion interested boyfriend and he agreed.

  2. I too fell in love with this jacket as soon as I saw it and had to have it straight away. On the other hand though, I wore it the day after I bought it to rave reviews. I find it’s a little high in the waist too but wear it like you have, over a singlet, jeans and high boots. It looks beautiful on you and I think you should keep it. I find it’s a perfect indoor jacket.

  3. Noooo, you can’t cull it! That combo looks brilliant. So envious that you can wear fitted jeans and short jackets! The ruffle makes it look lush and girly.

  4. It looks fantastic but I can see how it would be a problem with skirts. Btw did the cute little medal badge come with it? Even if you cull it, def keep the badge!

  5. Oh! I’ve been looking for a hyperfeminine black blazer with elbow sleeves and a Victorian twist. I hope it works out but if it doesn’t, you know… *makes puppy dog eyes*

    Haha. Adorable! I bet it looks cute over the high waisted skirts, too, even though you say it gives you an odd silhouette. Although I guess that would depend on how much they went poof over your hips, now that I think of it.

  6. I think it’s gorgeous! Like some of the others have said, maybe a sheath dress for another option? Although having a blazer that looks this good with jeans is something that should definitely be kept around a while!

  7. You look amazing. I have the same problem with that jacket. I found one outfit to wear it with, and now it won’t work with just about anything else. But I love it too much to not want to have it in my wardrobe!!

  8. I vote to keep the jacket, as those frills are gorgeous, but totally understand when you imagined it would go with EVERYTHING, and then it didn’t. I sure hope you find more wonderful things to wear with it… x

  9. I know what you are talking about, waiting for the perfect event to wear something new. I have a new dress which I didn’t wear yet and I kind of feel the remorse crawling.
    On the other hand – You look GGOD with the jeans and jacket. You should definitely wear it more often!

  10. The jacket looks wonderful on you!
    I’m sad City Chic don’t ship to Europe though 🙁 they have such beautiful dresses..

  11. This jacket is fantastic! I love the ruffles and the super flattering hourglass shape it delivers. Plus, it looks great with these jeans! You are creative enough to figure out how else to wear it. I vote keep the jacket! 🙂

  12. OMG you look awesome!! I dunno, if I were you I might keep it even though it’s got only one “application”, since that application is soooo flattering on you 😀

  13. First time commenting but long time follower of blog! I love the jacket but agree the waist is a little high. I think with some high waisted pants where the horizontal line of the pant matches the waist in the jacket it might feel more balanced to you. I see soft flowing fabric for the pants to flow over your hips and stop that feeling of the double hip. You look great as always!!!!

    1. I love the idea of wearing it with high waisted pants, Maegan! I have a pair, so I might try it on. Thanks for commenting, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying reading.

  14. Holy WOW, Lilli, you look awesome! You cannot possibly get rid of that jacket, you look *so* wonderful and honestly totally slamming in it and those jeans!

    I understand though, it’s hard to justify items that can only be worn one way…but even if it’s only over jeans and tee shirts, I think you still could get a lot of wear out of it 🙂

  15. I am the same with clothes! If I don’t wear it relatively soonish after I have bought it I either forget completely all about it (which I have done on a fair few occasions!!) or I don’t like it when I eventually wear it!! It then inevitably ends up in an eBay cull a few months later!

    Could you try the jacket with an a line skirt of over a dress?

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