All The Colours of the Rainbow

Singlet: Rockmans

Skirt: DIY

Shoes: Zensu

Belt: City Chic


I can’t tell you how much I love CurvyGirlChic‘s challenge for herself this month: to wear more colour. And she’s encouraging her readers to follow suit and send her some pics. This is mine!

I’m a big fan of colour, as you no doubt know, and this skirt is probably my favourite DIY piece. It goes with… well, possibly everything in my wardrobe. I picked up the blues and purples with this ruffled tank.

Very short one today, because I’ve got a backlog of emails to get to, but head on over to CurvyGirlChic’s blog and send her a nice colourful outfit shot because it’s going to be a season of brights!


26 thoughts on “All The Colours of the Rainbow

  1. Ah fantastic summer outfit! Love the belt.

    I have those shoes too. Although they’re so cute and comfy, I find my feet (especially the backs of my heels) are black at the end of the day after wearing these shoes. Does that happen to you or am I just a huge colour-attracting weirdo?

    Love your blog, long time reader
    Take care x

  2. I love that skirt. Also did you get your haircut? It looks different and I like it! I also adore colour…I might have to send Curvy Girl Chic a picture of me as a tube of smarties!

  3. This is just such a fun vibrant gorgeous outfit-love the skirt and it goes so well with the belt and top. A lovely happy outfit that must make everyone you walk past smile in happiness!

  4. It’s nine degrees here right now and you’ve got me seriously jealous of being able to wear such a fun and light outfit! I can barely make it out the door without ten layers at the moment!
    Think I might make a circle skirt this weekend in anticipation of warmer weather.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Aure! I’ve been trying to find more combs and flowers to wear in my hair, but it’s kind of ridiculous what people are charging for them!

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