Remix-Me Monday: Oh, Holey Night

Cardigan (remixed): 8Inkerman
Skirt: Dream Diva
Boots: Duo Boots
It wasn’t long after our kitten Suki arrived home before we realised that she had a thing about Great Heights, and the greatest height in our bedroom is the shelf in the wardrobe.
Now, if someone’s standing in front of the wardrobe in a towel going “whattowear? whattowear? whattowear?” then it’s simple enough to shimmy up their leg like a monkey up a palm tree. If, however, your convenient shrieking ladder isn’t positioned in front of the wardrobe the shortest way up to the Shelf of Goodness up to claw your way up the clothes hanging from the rack.
This was hilarious, right up until the moment I put my favourite Tiffany blue cashmere cardigan on and discovered a rapidly unravelling hole right in the middle of my left boob.
It was already too big to darn, and I thought that the location made it too obvious to patch. I was resigning myself to the fact that it might have to be retired when suddenly it occurred to me:

Genius. It’s like a patch, but it’s meant to be there.

I drew and cut out a bow applique in a black and white polkadot fabric, ironed it to some interfacing, then – using some tissue paper as a backing to stop the fabric from buckling (see, I learnt that from my last cardigan remix!) I sewed it to my poor holey cardigan and finished the edges with a satin stitch.

It looks practically professional!

15 thoughts on “Remix-Me Monday: Oh, Holey Night

  1. Looks gorgeous, and what a genius idea! I have a new kitten that’s been doing the same thing to my precious, hideously expensive knitwear, and I was ready to cry / throttle him over it. All hail Lilli!

  2. that looks awesome! I love it, and I was bummed to read that you made it yourself only because it meant I couldn’t go out and buy one like it.

  3. “It’s like a patch, but it’s meant to be there.”

    Ha ha! Totally cracked me up! I love what you have done with the cardi – and I think the applique has actually improved it! The colour especially is lovely on you.

  4. Wow, thanks girls! Unanimous praise! I should applique more of my clothing! How about butterlies on my jeans? (kidding!)
    Actually, I went shopping with a girlfriend earlier this week, and she appliqued the most darling little set of clouds to her t-shirt – It looked really fetching – Now I just have to convince Suki to claw up some more of my clothes (one little hole here, darling… and another here… oh yes, this is going to look GREAT!)

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