All At Sea

Cardigan: 8Inkerman, remixed

Top: Glassons

Skirt: Kelda Leigh

Shoes: Chie Mihara


Well, it really doesn’t seem to be getting in warmer in old Melbourne Town, though I was up in Sydney at the start of last week, and spring’s definitely sprung elsewhere in the country.

I’m all matchy-match today in my sea-blues and aqua’s. I’m so delighted with this skirt – I’m really pleased I decided to buy it, because it just works so well with such a myriad of tops, and it always looks good, and flatters beautifully. There really is nothing like a perfectly-fitting a-line skirt, is there?

This one one cardigan that doesn’t seem to have had much of an outing this winter, which is a shame, because it’s so soft and snuggly, and it’s the first piece of cashmere I ever bought for myself, so I’m a bit nostalgically attached to it, too. It doesn’t bear much of a resemblance to the cardigan I originally brought home from 8Inkerman though. I swapped the plain blue buttons for little rhinestones (then dubbed it my “Tiffany” cardigan), then when baby-Suki clawed a hole in it I had to re-mix it with a big applique bow, and it was re-imagined again. What’s next? As the underarms wear through I’m tempted to lop the sleeves off and make it a vest, or maybe swap them for little puff-sleeves made of the same fabric as the bow… anything goes!

12 thoughts on “All At Sea

  1. I love that cardigan! I might something similar with a shapeless one I got from Evans in the sale earlier this year (can you believe its almost Oct?!). Also I am still on the hunt for a good denim skirt and a flattering a-line one. I’ve found one on We Are Large People’s etsy shop, which I might give a go.

  2. Oh my god, I love your shoes. They’re adorable. Actually all of the Chie M. shoes are. But yours are perfect in colour and style! By the way love your 50’s dress. I have it too but isn’t it from H&M?

    I’d be happy if you stopped by at and give me some feedback. I have just started blogging and would be interested in your hints, seeing that you have such a beautifully designed blog.

  3. I’m not surprised that’s such a well-loved cardi. Such a great cut and colour for you. I love how you’ve restyled it and I’ll look forward to seeing it’s next incarnation!! x

  4. Beautiful ensemble and I just love that skirt! Aren’t you lucky to be so creative and handy with a needle! Alas, if my pet were to claw a hole into one of my sweaters, I would have to chuck it! These shoes look perfect with this outfit, by the way.

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