Starry Starry Tight

Blouse: Victoria’s Secret

Cardigan: Table 8

Skirt: Eliza Parker

Shoes: Poetic License

Stockings: The Sock Shop


Hehehe. Sorry, I do like a good pun though I know it scandalises The Sophisticate (his least favourite blog title is “Back to the Fuschia“). After nearly two years of blogging I sometimes struggle to come up with new blog titles, so when I think of one that gives me the giggles I usually put it up quick smart. And besides, they are starry, starry tights, so ner.

Don’t black and navy go together marvellously? I used to have to wear the two paired when I worked at Dymocks Booksellers and it’s taken me at least this long to recover from the trauma of wearing the same outfit every single day, but I tried these stockings with at least three other outfits before I realised that actually no, teaming them with my black Eliza Parker skirt was the go.

I bought the stockings on impulse from the “Sock Shop” (no website, sorry guys) hidden away in Melbourne’s “Walk Arcade” – they also had stocking with hearts! And spiders, but I was less excited about them. They were of the “two sizes fit all” variety that I am so dubious of, but the sales assistant swore they’d fit no problemo, and they did, but they are a bit prone to what Angela from Angela See Angela Blog refers to as “Stocking Crotch”. It’s a problem easily solved with what us ex-Canberran’s called (charmingly) “Scungies”, and what the rest of Australia apparently refer to as “Sports Briefs”: heavy duty underpants that you wear on top of your regular underpants so that no-one can see your, er, underpants.



53 thoughts on “Starry Starry Tight

  1. Love the tights and I don’t see how you could possibly have resisted the title 🙂

    They’re scungies here in Sydney too, or they were when I was at school at any rate.

    1. Aha! More confirmation that they’re naturally “Scungies”. I kept getting blank looks in Melbourne when I talked about them. I kind of like Erin ‘s “Spankies”… sounds much more fun!

  2. I love the outfit, extremely flattering skirt!
    Did you try some black shoes with the outfit? would be interested to see how they look (don’t get me wrong I love red shoes as much as the next laydee but think black shoes would pull the look together a bit better). Could be wrong though. 🙂

    1. I did try it with black, actually – but my black heels are in desperate need of re-heeling, and it just didn’t look right with flats, lol. Oh well. I quite like the red though – I’m such a sucker for red shoes!

  3. Ha ha, remember the scungies over tights but with undies days at high school. Going to the bathroom was such an effort! My mum called them scungies, but my friends and I called them bloomers. Regulatory wear at saturday netball too, over undies of course!

    PS love love love the tights, statement tights rock.

  4. Such gorgeous tights! I had never thought of such a solution to tights that work their way down in the crotch. Over here in the USA, when cheerleaders wear them, they’re called spankies.

  5. I still *adore* that top! And I like the hemline of that skirt, it looks really good on you (the skirt, not just the hemline)! And the tights are really fun, of course:)

  6. lilli, i love this entire outfit! i agree, black and navy are a lovely pair. it’s my first time commenting on here. just wanted to tell you i love your blog and always find you so inspiring!!

  7. hahaha. Scungies. We called them that too (sydney). They were made in delightful school colours to go with your sports uniform, so alas, no pink or purple scungies.

  8. Oh, but I assume that since you have such a lovely silhouette in that skirt you didn’t actually wear scungies? I use bike-pants style underpants, (I think you talked about them before to stop chafing) over tights to stop the tights falling down issue.

    1. I was, but because the skirt has a second lining it just skimmed over the top, rather than giving me an obvious VPL. Yay for Eliza Parker and not skimping on quality workmanship!

  9. Love this outfit! Though you will be pleased to know that us NewSouthWelshwomen also called the dreaded things SCUNGIES as well, I last wore them in my ’89 grand final.

  10. hey you’re wearing MY blouse again – that’s what I think every time I see it and think that I must get around to doing a homage (ie, copying) it soon. My husband makes dreadful puns, just dreadful and I always say something very mean to him. It’s just the way it is. I’m with the Sophisticate on this one!

  11. I want those tights!! My mother always used to say black and navy shouldn’t go together and the last time I wore that combo she lambasted me for having no fashion sense!! This is coming from the woman who will quite happily colour co-ordinate to the extreme of wearing all pink – baby pink!

  12. Never heard of scungies here in country Victoria. We called them bum-huggers (or bummers) – very useful for keeping tights up when I had to wear them with my school uniform.
    Crotch-creep (great word BTW!) is the reason why I nearly always wear pants now…

  13. Just when I had concluded there was no way to pair black with blue, you show us this fabulous outfit and reinvent the entire concept! Love the blouse. The star tights give this outfit a playful element as do the red shoes. You look wonderful!

  14. I have been looking for a pair of shoes like that all over! Where did you get those ones?

    I have tried to do the high waisted skirt thing but I end up looking like Pamela Anderson, I can’t pull it off like you.

    I thought we were a similar size but maybe you are better proportioned than me?

    Anyway, love the outfit!

    P.S- I am in the US and have spent literally hundreds at GAP. Have you checked out their website? They ship to OZ now and their jeans are great.

    1. Apparently there’s a new GAP shop that’s opened up in Melbourne – I keep thinking I should go check it out, actually. And their sister store Banana Republic… it’ll be a happy day when that opens in Australia 🙂
      I’m not that great at the high waisted thing myself, but I think the secret is to have a top with a bit going on. This one has buttons, and ruffles and polkadots. It distracts from the fact that my boobs are quite, er, large, lol!

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