Back to the Fuschia

Dress: Igigi
Shoes: Zu
I know, I know. It’s the worst Frocks & Frou Frou blog post pun yet, right?
I’m a pink girl from way back. I loved it as a little girl, and never really grew out of it. Trying to find pink fashion for females over the age of about ten is difficult, and finding it for females over the age of ten, and over the size of 12 is even harder.
I spotted this dress at Igigi a few weeks ago when I blogged about the awesome cobalt blue mock wrap dress that I received in August. Imagine my absolute delight when Jessica had it sent to me as a thankyou!
I adore it.
The wide boatneck is wonderfully flattering as is the draping at the front of the skirt. Once again the fabric and production quality is outstanding. The skirt is fully lined with a slimming underskirt, giving the whole ensemble a smooth line.
It’s the perfect length, hitting me at the knee without flashing more of my legs than I’m comfortable with.
Honestly, I can’t recommend Igigi enough. This dress is fun, and elegant, absolutely wearable and comfortable. It’s striking, but also classic. It travels magnificently and doesn’t crush at all so I think it’ll be in every suitcase I pack for the next few years.
Also, it goes perfectly with the hot-pink rhinestone bow earrings that I impulse bought on a recent shopping trip with my friend Fiona:

Earrings: Scarlett & Sly

16 thoughts on “Back to the Fuschia

  1. The color and shape of the dress are fantastic! That draping in the skirt is just lovely… 🙂

    And the pun was good. I actually laughed out loud when I read it.

  2. I love the dress on you- interesting to hear about the underskirt feature, as I always assume that dresses made of such fabric will not look good from behind.

  3. Looks lovely – would love to see it with a longline necklace to break it up and little – and a lippie with a bit of oomph – like a Stila lip glaze in a brightish (but sheer) pink to compete with the dress a little. (the makeup artist in me comes out!!)

  4. I struggled with this dress as I found it a little on the small side, compared with the usual perfect fit of Igigi garments. Having said that I just received my second attempt it in the next size group and am much happier. What are your thoughts on this dress re; sizing???

  5. This dress is almost offensively fantastic. The colour and cut is so perfect it's like it was designed especially for you. I hope it gets a lot of showing during summer, as it looks light and breezy and completely beautiful.

    (P.S. I tried on the spotty Target dress, but it looks a million times better on you!)

  6. Thanks, Heather!

    LOL, thanks Jasie! The Sophisticate was morally outraged (as only an IT geek can be) by the pun, so ner-ner to him 😉

    Hi Kelly, they're great aren't they? Total impulse buy, but I love 'em

    Thanks Mars 🙂

    Me too, Sandra! It's just one of the reasons why I think Igigi's so good. It's those little details that make it all worthwhile.

    I love that idea, Ally! I'm so dreadful with makeup, I need someone to give me a little tutoring I think!

    Hi Sarah – FAR TOO MANY! lol! I'm thinking of doing a series of posts over a month where I wear a different dress every day. Because I have enough for it. The Girl Whisperer suggests I call it "Frockapalooza"

    Hi Reggae – yeah, it's definitely a smaller fit, but it might work a little better for me I think. I'm glad you found a size that worked for you too

    Thanks, Lesa – I love the colour!

    LOL, thanks Luinae 🙂

    Aw, thanks Fiona. So, did you find a frock for the wedding, or are you going the va-va-voom green bombshell dress ?

  7. More like the BEST Frocks & Frou Frou pun yet! I love a good pun.

    The dress is beautiful on you – such a great colour.

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