Mellow Yellow

Dress: Vintage @ Thrush
Shoes: Zu
Cardigan: 8Inkerman

Last night The Sophisticate invited me to the pre-preview opening for a new art show at the Gorker Gallery in Fitzroy.

I thought I’d thumb my nose at the Melbourne art scene and wear my ridiculously bright and sunny vintage dress instead of the traditional black.
I’ve finally found a cardigan that works properly with this dress – it’s from my favourite Melbourne cashmere shop – 8Inkerman – and I’m so delighted with it. It’s a silk cashmere blend that’s perfect for throwing over a summer dress in the evenings.
So, the exhibition was excellent and I’d thoroughly recommend it for any Melburnians at a loss for something to do over the next two weeks. Quick smart though – especially if you’re interested in expanding your own art collection. The Sophisticate and I both walked away with pieces from the extraordinarily talented “Acorn” (Mine’s called “Taulu” and it’s beautiful) and the number of “sold” dots on the walls grew every time you looked.

12 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. That dress is just lovely. And yes, please do the Frockapalooza! I think November would be a good month for it, 30 days, 30 dresses!

  2. you look like Spring 🙂 flowery girl!
    I've noticed that I started buying *skirts*! geee… punk girl wearing polite skirt ;] fits perfectly to my old-new-haircut 6/13mm 😉

  3. you are definately getting your moneys worth out of those nude pumps, arent you?! 3 posts in a row now!! 😀 they're gorgeous btw, no complaints here!!

  4. You must have looked like a ray of sunshine amongst all the black storm clouds at the art show.

    I hope you post a picture of your newly acquired art work.

  5. Thanks Sarah! Keep your eyes peeled – I think November's Frockapalooza month 🙂

    Go you, M! Skirts are for everyone!

    Aw, thanks, Elsiee. The stripes are great, huh? I love 'em

    Thankyou, Mars!

    LOL, I definitely am, Trinity Lea! Zu's got 20% off at the moment, and I'm really tempted to go get another pair…

    Thanks Jodes 🙂

    I definitely will, Sandra. Have to wait for the exhibition to finish before I can get it home.

    Thanks, D_H 🙂 The Sophisticate would be the first to tell you he's an International Man of Mystery. He's taken me in hand, and is encouraging me to enjoy myself at the moment…

    Thanks Ms. B

    Thankyou, ana

  6. Ah so the sophisticate is Peter Stuyvesant (maybe you're too young for that reference, if so ask your parents, they will know). Glad you have him. A good male friend is a godsend.

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