Satin Rising

Dress: Barkins
Shoes: Schuh
This post has been a Long Time Coming.

Way back in May when I first discovered that the Fuckwit Ex would rather pursue a relationship with someone else’s girlfriend than his own a few people started telling me about Saturn Rising (or Saturn Returns).

Apparently this phenomenon occurs around a person’s late twenties or early thirties and results in great upheaval. It’s not a bad thing, per se: it’s just bloody upsetting until the dust settles and you look around and realise that thank God, you’re not stuck in that miserable relationship/job/house/life that’s been your one and only constant for who knows how many years.
Well, whether you’re into that sort of thing or not I think most people would agree that life gets a bit scary between the ages of 28 and 32.
My BFF (some might even call her my BMFF) Haz-Mo’s Ma – ever the pragmatist – decided that it was less of a case of Saturn Rising, and more of an occasion for satin to rise and decreed that at first opportunity I was to find a satin dress and I was to wear it out on the town and enjoy myself.
Well, darling. This one’s for you.
Thankyou for being such an amazing support to me over the last, umn, fourteen years – especially for the last five months when you were subjected to any number of hysterical weepie phone calls at all hours (especially considering that fact that you’re a new Mum, and I’m sure that the last thing you wanted to do during your free moments is listen to more uncontrollable crying!). Thankyou for taking hours out of every day to listen patiently to me while I listed the same grievances over and over again. Thankyou for teaching me how to laugh at the love poetry, the emails, the portraits, and for telling me that she’s a four and I’m a ten. Thankyou for getting angry on my behalf and for saying “I’ll fucking kill him” so I didn’t have to. You’re my compass, and I love you.
I’m extraordinarily lucky with my friends – I want to thank everyone for supporting me through this particularly nasty personal crisis. I couldn’t have done it without you guys and your selfless, generous, loving care. Thanks for getting me out of the house, for letting me crash your date night, for invitations to dinner (and other, more eye-opening evenings out!). Thanks for the just-because SMS’s and the thought-you-might-need-it phone calls. I love you all.
Now, I’m a little soggy, so on to less emotive topics: Awesome shoes.

Am I right, or am I right?

27 thoughts on “Satin Rising

  1. you. are. so. right.
    they are bleepin brilliant!
    and i think i speak for everyone when i say, the pleasure is all ours!

  2. I'll echo Bec. You.are.so.right. I want those freakin' shoes. They call my name. I am red, I love red and I want them. Do I covet much? Yeah!

    Also definitely went thru what you did when I was 28-29 only I had a BABY with the fuckwit. He slept with the "other" as I call her, in our bed…mmm, classy I hear you say. Happened to loads of people, I know. Nothing different about my story only that it happened to me.
    Good news? I'm happy and life is GOOD.
    Love the dress too. So purtee 😀

  3. WoW love the dress its such a stunning print and the shoes are red hot!

    thanks for the link to barkins I just bought a maxi dress and ruffle tank from them cheers!

  4. Yeah, I am the same with Saturn, got divorced (my instigation) got dumped by a very significant other (their instigation), changed jobs, friends, everything. It's ouch, but at 33, things are great.

    I think it would have all been better with Satin. That's one smart lady friend you have there.

    I REALLY admire you, because I am the opposite, I would find it impossible to be vulnerable and say THIS HAPPENED, IT HURT AND IT SUCKS. I would be all I AM FINE, NOTHING TO SEE HERE…MOVING RIGHT ALONG! Your way is healthier and much more mature. Lady, you have the smarts and class. The hots and killer wardroe goes with out saying.

    Predictably, you look awesome.

  5. What an awesome outfit. I love that you defy the rules of satin and ankle straps on the less than svelte among us. Just goes to show those rules are meant to be broken.

    Must get me to a Barkins when I have some cash

  6. Love the shoes and have fallen in love with the schuh website. Am wondering though, I am a size AUS9 – what doe you think this will equate to in UK (should I use the European size as a guide do you think??)

  7. *sigh* in my life Saturn returns at least once a year :/ so I really understand what's going on in your life right now.
    Honestly: you're doing great, girl! And I can tell you a secret: everything will be just great! You have all the beauty in the world hidden in you, you are like butterfly, like flower, like tree, like cloud. And it's wonderful that I've met you! big big hug!!!
    As for shoes: *drooling* I waaaaaaaant!!! I've never ever desired any shoes as much 😛

  8. I agree with Georgie Love. I have been following your blog (on the sly) For ages and you have handled everything (your life) so well. Wish I had your courage.

    PS love the shoes

  9. You are amazing and we love you!!! And this outfit is such a winner – the stronger you get, the more gorgeous you get (not that you didn't knock 'em all dead to begin with).

    Must catch up properly soon – and so glad to hear that you are coming out of that deep horrid tunnel into the light.

    Love Lxx

    (Lisa T)

  10. Awesome dress, awesome shoes and awesome you!
    I'm 28 and its already started feeling a bit topsy-turvy, mostly with friends and outgrowing old/bad situations.
    I do so hope things are feeling less crazy for you or at least you can see the end in sight?
    Or at least you can buy ace new shoes, cos sometimes that'll have to do.

  11. I agree with what everyone's saying; you really seem to be doing so well, and it's so brave of you to just lay everything out there!

    Not to mention you look absolutely gorgeous! <3

  12. I have the exact same shoes and I am over the moon that one of my style heroes (er, that's you) has them too!

    You look blooming gorgeous x

  13. Yay for HazMo's Ma! She is great. And you're always great and we're always willing to be there for you because you too have been there for us, as I can say for sure during my own Saturn Rising situation only a few months ago when you spent an entire day out listening to me say, "I'm going to quit my job! Maybe! No! Yes! For sure! BAWWWW!" You are super brilliant and to see you come out so fantastically better on the other side of your awful situation makes me so unbelievably happy. You rock! We all rock! And your dress and shoes rock too!

  14. Hello! 🙂

    I love your blog and all the photos! Loving your style–that dress and those shoes are absolutely killer!

    If you get a chance, check out my blog at curvygirlchic.blogspot.com -I'm new to blogger, so any feedback would be great. Thanks!


  15. Oh darling, you're so very sweet!

    So…Saturn rose (and frankly, not a minute too soon), but did satin (ahem) rise????

    Delicious outfit!


    ps. A four in that dress. Less in the hoodie. You remain a perfect 10.

  16. Love the dress and the shoes. Awesome post- so glad to hear you are feeling much better than the past few months.

  17. Thanks everyone 🙂 Your support is amazing, and very much appreciated!

    Oh Annie – If the Fuckwit Ex had just held on for another year I think I would've been in the same boat. It's never easy, but I think what yours did you to was particularly heinous.

    LOL – My pleasure Sarah-Jo. They do some great pieces, and SO affordable 🙂

    You see, Sal, I'm actually envious of you a bit. I've never been very good at that, and sometimes I worry that I lean on my friends too much!

    Thanks D_H. I'm actually a bit squicky about ankle straps myself, but somehow these work…

    Reggae I wear about an 8.5 in Australia, and I have a wide-foot. I bought the UK 6 and they fit fine, maybe a bit big even. Unless you've got a wide foot you should be pretty right with the 6 too. Hope this helps!

  18. Wow, I just turned 30, while my parents are 58 and 59, and my entire family has just been through a huge unsettling period. Perhaps all our Saturns returned at once?

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  20. Hi there,
    I've just discovered your lovely blog (via threadbared) and just wanted to say those shoes are amazing! Are they comfortable?

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