Green Is Good

Shirt: Events
Shoes: Zu
Belt: Fiorelli
Bangle: Philippa
Well, thank God for that – my Hairy Godmother’s back from her jetsetting travels, which means that my fringe is back!
Ever since seeing NinaRibena from Tango & James at the Handmade Market wearing an outstanding apple green jacket I’ve been secretly pining for one myself.
I spotted this one at Veronika Maine; a label I’ve always loved, but whose clothes are not cut to encompass the more generously endowed among us. Fortunately this jacket can be worn open.

17 thoughts on “Green Is Good

  1. Totally gorgeous as always! I haven't been reading you for a little while (caught up in domestic stuff) so it's been delightful have a few weeks worth of stuff to catch up on.

    When I am rich, I'm hiring you to be my full-time stylist and shopper. Promise.

    Glad to hear that your "Saturn Rising" is moving along nicely. I went through the same thing and I'm very glad to be out of it (seems our ex's should form the fuckwit adulterers club together 😉

    You're such a beautiful person, inside and out that the man who eventually wins your heart will be a very lucky man.

    All the best

    Kate F
    aka Kenmore Book Club Blogger

  2. Lili! You look great! Not to be stalker-like but I happened to go through your past entries and I think you're fab!

  3. Gorgeous! That green looks fabulous on you! and after all the dreary wintry clothes I've been seeing, it's so refreshing–nice job! 🙂


  4. That outfit is STUNNING. It works everywhere. One of my favourites. Love the belt, the shoes, the jacket and your hair.


  5. You look lovely as always, lilli! Your outfits are so creative!
    Love your hair!
    You have to recommend me to your hairstylist. 🙂

  6. *swoon* love the hair it looks amazing!
    The green is a great POP colour on you, brillant choice

    also wanted to thankyou again for the barkins link my order arrived today and the jersey maxi dress is really great quality and drapes perfectly!

  7. Thanks, Magatha-May!

    Hi Kate, from the sounds of it the fuckwit adulterers club would be a crowded place to be! Who knew there were so many assholes out there, eh? I'm glad to have you back 🙂

    Thanks, Vanoue!

    It's a great colour, isn't it Beth? Here's hoping we can find some more of it!

    LOL, thanks, Molly!

    I'm loving spring CurvyGirlChic! Bring on colour, I always say!

    Thanks Sandra, Michelle & Ally 🙂

    That's Chesty La Rue to you, Frances! 😉

    Thanks Lola & Suze

    Bowsnhearts: are you in Melbourne? I see Jo at Toni & Guy Georges. She's just magnificent.

    That's my pleasure, Sarah-Jo! I'm so glad they worked for you!

  8. Hey lilli, I have no idea if you'll read the comments this far back, but exactly what style are those Embody Denim jeans? I'm in need of finding some jeans for my new shape!

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