Well Endowed

Skirt: City Chic
Shoes: Wittner
Hi Folks!
I’ve just come back from a restful four day weekend in Canberra celebrating my gorgeous Mum’s birthday, and saying some bittersweet goodbyes to the old family homestead which goes up for auction this weekend.
I had planned to begin Frockapalooza in November, but I forgot to take the camera cable up to the ‘berra so instead I might start it as part of the 200 posts celebration that is coming up.
I splurged recently on this great little skirt from City Chic – it’s probably the shortest skirt I own, but I like the tulip-esque shape and the buttons on the waistband.
Annoyingly, I’ve discovered that it’s one of those items. It looks good in the changeroom (when it’s just you in your stockinged feet and a bra) but get it home and it refuses to play nicely with any of the other items in your wardrobe. This polkadot shirt seems to work with most things fortunately, but I’m definitely on the lookout for something else that would work with a voluminous drill cotton skirt.
The problem is the big boobs. The surprisingly big boobs. Recently I got a concerned email from reader Magdalena suggesting that I might not be wearing the right bra, if – in fact – I was wearing a 38DD as I had stated.
Now, I try to get fitted most times that I buy a new bra (very important!) so I thought that I was probably OK, but I promised her I’d get fitted next time I went in to get a new bra.
Last week I dropped into Brava Lingerie for the first time – they specialise in D+ cup sizes and have a very pretty range of imported bras from people like Freya, Le Mystere, Masquerade, etc.
Interestingly the ladies at Brava won’t actually let you just “try” anything on. They insist that you get properly fitted before you even start browsing. And when I told them what size I needed they tutted and shook their heads and produced instead a bra with both a band and a cup size that were entirely foreign to me.
Turns out Magdalena was right. I’m not a 38DD. I was actually almost exactly the size she thought: a 34F.
This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that I can stop wearing bras that keep slip sliding around and riding up, and whatnot. The bad news is if you thought shopping for non-beige DD cups was hard – try finding sexy lingerie for an F.
Bangle: Siren

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  1. Hi Lilli,

    I range between a 36 FF-H, depending on the bra, they make a great place for resting plates. The best bras I have found a Freya, Fantasie and Panache, all from the UK.

    Aussie Fs and Gs are actually smaller than the UK ones, so no Aussie brand actually fits me. I know it costs more, but you really need to have each new bra fitted, because sizes can vary between brands and even between style and colour in the same brand. Apparently, black bras are usually smaller (God only knows why). I know this is true because I have the same bra in a few colours, and the black one is a larger by half a cup size.

    Have you been losing weight, or does that skirt have a great cut, or maybe both? If it's the skirt, I'm off to CityChic!

  2. I have complete faith in you ability to find sexy lingerie that fits you properly and makes you feel and look like a million buck!!

  3. Bra sizes are so odd. I am 34FF and I still find it hard to actually believe, I feel like I should qualify the statement with "I know I don't look it". Anyways, just a tip. Freya have lots of non-beige bras in larger cup sizes.

  4. I hate bra shopping. I hate the way that big boobs distort your clothes. Plus I'm still breastfeeding, and hoping that once I stop I'll lose weight. Hence, I mostly wear maternity bras (I do have some sexy ones from Hot Milk) or old pre-pregnancy bras that don't really fit.


  5. oh, Honey!
    finding sexy bra in 34F is really easy πŸ˜€ all mine 34D's were ugly black/white/nude, my first 34F was FUCHSIA! πŸ˜‰ and honestly: i cannot stop πŸ˜›
    I've got 3 pink extremely sexy bras now and you really should try Here
    ebay.co.uk is my favourite though πŸ˜‰
    cheap and chic πŸ˜‰
    big biiiiiiiiiiiiig hug
    and one more thing! new boobie-blog in English, written by two Polish girls πŸ˜‰ (Poland will be soon the most "illuminated" country in the world it seems ;))
    hugz!! πŸ™‚
    (when I was coming back from work last evening there was snowing, it looked exactly as your beautiful shirt :))

  6. Yep – last year I went to get fitted, walking around with in a 16F, and just feeling wrong. Came out of the bra shop with a 12H in Freya. But damn, they look mighty fine in that!

    Freya make beautiful bras, and I'd encourage you to stick with them. I have four bras that do me during the week – one pretty satin with flowers, one red, and two beige. Had them for over twelve months now and only just getting onto the middle set of hooks.

    Best of luck, take care of them πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, you look great in that outfit!! I'm a 38I, and my biggest bra-problem is the "divide and conquer" strategy that seem to be the mentality of all the people who make bras in my size:(

  8. You look fantastic in that skirt!
    As for what to wear with it, I love the polka dot top you have on in the photos. Maybe stay with fitted blouses and t-shirts with cute details that look dressy.

    Like this t-shirt from Ann Taylor LOFT in the U.S.

    I have that short in a plum color and dark grey.

  9. I feel you. For years, I was always buying 40DDD bras. I finally decided to get fitted at a lingerie store and found that I am a 34GG! Bras that fit me are spendy, but I look so much better in my clothes.

    You should also check out herroom.com and figleaves.com–they have a wonderful range of sizes.

  10. I definitely feel your pain. I'm an FF (UK)/H (US). I don't know where I would be without figleaves.co.uk, bravissimo.com, herroom.com, and barenecessities.com – hope some of those help you! Fantasie is probably my favorite brand, with Freya a close runner-up.

  11. I LOVE that skirt!

    You've tried the clothing from Bravissimo, right? I haven't been brave enough to order from them yet, because I'm really tiny across the upper back. (34H, usually. UGH! But most of the 34" is carried around my front ribs. I used to sing…) However, a couple friends have tshirts and blouses, and they're quite nice.

    It's too bad you don't have any Change stores. Their quality is less, but they're cheap, and are good for "fashion" bras. $30 or $40 instead of the $150 for my everyday bras. I'm sure you can find them online.

  12. I'm not much help in the bra department (have never even been properly fitted, to be honest) but I agree with star0074, I think t-shirts would look adorable! You have an "I love reading" Genki one, right? That with the skirt and glasses would look super cute! And I also know you have Grug, and probably more secreted away. And that skirt looks completely fantastic, you have such beautiful legs. No more hiding them, now! It's summer! (Practically.)

  13. Love that skirt. Great news about the new bra size (well for the girls anyway). You have reminded me that I must get properly fitted in the next few months!!!

  14. I feel you! I went to the UK and got fitted properly, and went from 18F to 34J (about an Aus 14KK or something similarly ridiculous). I have been ordering the same bras online from Freya for 4 years now because there is nowhere in WA who carries my size. I definitely think Freya is one of the best – their lace bras are great, although they do sag quite quickly. Bravissimo is probably the best website I've found to order from – their shipping is reasonable and not too lengthy.

  15. Hey Lilli! I love your bangle. What does it say?

    P.S. I know I haven't written in a while, but you are looking mighty fine, my friend!

  16. Lilli, love that top – it's so versatile and can go from pretty to serious.

    The skirt's fab too! I wish we had a City Chic here.

  17. I feel your pain when it comes to bra shopping, but there are plenty of good places to start looking!

    If you have one in your state, Simone Perele http://www.simone-perele.com/ makes seriously excellent sexy bras. From memory, the Berlei outlet on Bridge road was great (though, coming from Adelaide I’ve only been there once). Harris Scarfe stock Fayreform and Triumph that both do nice bras, although they’re more on the practical side. There’s also an Aussie online retailer called more than a handful http://www.morethanahandful.com.au.
    Keep your eye out for small, unassuming boutiques too, because every now and then they have an excellent sale and you can stock up on sexy bras.

  18. I fell your pain – and like almost all of the other commenters (sp?) I recommend Freya Bras. I am a 34G in their bras, having believed I am a 34DD for so many years. I have the Antoinette in a few different colours – beige, black and red!! So comfy!


    And with the dollar being as good as it is now, it's worth the investment.

    I also recommend Fayreform – they do lovely bras… And not just beige ones too!

  19. Hi lilli, I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your new skirt. I find that high waisted skirts look really good on curvy ladies!

    I sent you a PM on VF ages ago regarding the Betty Paige Captain Dress and it seems like we have the same type of figure (after comparing your measurements to mine).

    I am really lemming your entire outfit right now!

    I don't know where in Melbourne to get a fitting! I have been wearing 14E for ages now and it seems like despite my size, I get no cleavage at all! I have been to Bras N Things but they don't seem to help much since they don't have a wide variety of sizes.

    I am going to search for a skirt like yours now. So cute!!!

  20. Hi D_H – I knew you'd have some useful suggestions! Thanks so much! Do check out the skirt! You have great pins – you should definitely show them off more!

    LOL, thanks Elsiee!

    Thanks Pewter & A. Everyone seems to love the Freya range! I've got one or two – they're definitely pretty hot!

    Hi Candi, the hotmilk range is gorgeous, isn't it? I also find it really frustrating how clothing doesn't seem to be cut to encompass larger breasts. Everything either gapes or billows on me.

    Great site, Pixie! Thanks for commenting.

    Thanks so much, m. I'll check out your links too! πŸ™‚

    Go bubblebeeknits! It's amazing what a difference a good bra makes.

    Thanks Veronica πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the suggestions, Star! VERY cute tee! I wonder if I could remix one…

    Thanks Anon – I'll check 'em out!

    Hi Kelly & dotted lines. Yep – tried the Bravissimo range. Fantastic cuts of clothing. Very flattering., though I'm a bit iffy about the quality of jersey they use in some of their dresses.

  21. I like those ideas, Fi! I'm going to take you to be properly fitted though πŸ˜‰

    LOL @ Frances. I think I prefer Chesty La Rue!

    You definitely should, Sandra. Very important. A little embarrassing, but very worthwhile.

  22. Just popping in to say that yeah, hard to find decent sized bras in Oz (I'm a 32G, which *sigh*), but http://www.bellaforma is in Qld, and they have a reasonable exchange policy, and stock most stuff. I live in fantasie's smoothing balconette: low cut enough for cleavage and avoiding that strapped-in feeling, lacking in fuss, so good for under fitted clothes, a good shape, and they tend to last πŸ™‚ Good luck in the search!

  23. @Kitty – I love the Antoinette bra! Such a great everyday bra. I had no idea it came in red….now I'm off to hunt for it!

  24. @Kelly – neither did I! My local lingerie store ordered it in for me. I wanted the black and they didn't have it so they put in an order for me and asked if I wanted the red as well. V sex kittenesque and still comfortable. LOVE!!

  25. I luv Brava. I have a small back but not a small bust and they fitted me in 10gg and Im delighted. I had so much fun trying on gorgeous bras I cant wait to go back. The staff were really friendly and helpful and they sure know their stuff. The music was great too. They also have online http://www.bravalingerie.com.au

  26. I am an 18F or 40F and I but my bras either from Blest Bras (limited variety) or Bravissimo (I have you to thank for finding that website. The best fitting bras are the UK brands Fantasie or Panache. I have a gorgeous bra by Le Mystere but they are quite expensive (and you *do* need to go up to a G cup as they do not do "F"). A quick tip though, it is cheaper for me to by direct from Bravissimo with exchange rate & shipping than it is to buy the same brand via an Australian vendor.

  27. Oh, just had to second the recommendation of Prima Donna. The best large-cup bras out. Shame they only sneak up to a G cup occasionally!

  28. OMG, these comments are just the gold mine for busty divas like ourselves… loving it!!! I'm off to check them all out. (14G apparently a completely unreasonable size for any retail store to stock!!!)


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