Better Red Than Dead

Dress: Kamikaze
Shoes: Zu
My Hairy Godmother’s currently on leave, so my fabulous haircut’s looking extremely ragged around the edges, and the fringe is too long to see past, so it’s getting swept to the side for a while.
I’ve actually been toying with the idea of keeping the fringe, but growing the rest of it a little longer… it seems to be the official haircut of blogging Fatshionista’s everywhere: Valerie from Blog to Be Alive and Stephanie from Le blog de Big Beauty both rock it, alongside Maria at Corazones Rojos and many others I’ve encountered in recent months.
Plus, I saw An Education last night and was thinking how elegant it looked when “Jenny” wore hers up, and how much I’d like to emulate that:

Also, I want that dress.

7 thoughts on “Better Red Than Dead

  1. I so want to see that movie but alas it probably won't be brought to our dumpy little hick town because they think no one living here could possibly be interested in something like that just like Bright Star and Coco Before Chanel! Sigh, sorry for the rant. I love your dress by the way!!!

  2. I want my hair to have that long, tousled look too! Luckily my hair would look naturally like that, if only I grew it longer!

  3. Thanks Maria! I've added you to the post 🙂

    LOL, I'm with you, Ms B. I've only just started seeing indie films again (on account of my bastard ex was a cinematic philistine, and I'm phobic about seeing films solo!)

    Aw, thanks Magdalena – I bet you would though…

    Lucky you, Luinae! Mine always seems to fall straight and net, no matter what I do with it!

    Thanks, Sandra – it is, isn't it?

    Hi Lola, no online purchasing yet, but the girls at the shops will post out and answer any queries from interstate and overseas customers.

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