Tempt me not:

Boots: DuoBoots

Can everyone please repeat after me:”Lilli, you don’t need more boots. Lilli, you have four pairs already. Lilli, you already have red boots. It doesn’t matter if you like the Jesolo red better. Lilli, you know you’d never wear boots with a 9.5cm heel. Yes, even if they made your legs look hot. Yes even if they’re on sale. Yes, even if you get free shipping.”

…. but I want them:

See, they look even better in Real Life!

5 thoughts on “Tempt me not:

  1. Hey there, if it helps talk you out of it any, I bought a pair of Duo boots and was really really disappointed in the color. The website photo represented a much richer hue than was the real color was. The color was advertised as “burgundy” but was really more of a faded dirty purplish color. (This is what the advertised picture was: http://manolobig.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/samara.JPG.) I gave DUO the opportunity to make the situation right (for DUO to pay for the return international shipping for false advertisement), but they refused.

    I am now very very skeptical of deceptive advertising of their products, especially misrepresentation of color. What you’re looking at may not really be the true color, but a cleverly photographed/photoshopped product.

  2. Actually, I’m looking at the photos again, and it definitely looks suspicious. Look at the use of shadows in both (*especially* the bottom one). I wouldn’t be surprised if the true color was a much brighter red and almost exactly like the red boots you’ve posted before.

  3. If those are the same ones you posted on Vogue, then I can tell you my first reaction was “What the hey, but Lilli, you rock all those flat shoes, how will you ever wear those?”

    Seriously, think of the cost, think of how often you’d wear them. Then factor in your other read boots, the cost, how often you’d wear them. Which would be better value?

    IF the DUO boots do it for you .. sell the others. I”m sure you’d just have to say the word in here and you’d have 100 offers!! I can tell you that those red boots have made me actually reconsider the colour red and now wear it a lot!

  4. Lilli – I love them and they would look so good on you.

    How much on sale are they?

    Can you justify it with Krudd bucks?

  5. Well if you do decide to get them, don’t worry – I have ten black dresses. TEN. And I love them all 😉

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