Dress: MyBlackDress
Remember when I asked whether this was the perfect Little Black Dress?
Well, I can now say – with some authority – that yes. This is the perfect Little Black Dress:
After vacillating over it for months, I finally decided that it would be better to buy one really fabulous black dress, custom-made to my measurements, than twelve sort of good-ish black dresses none of which I would be particularly enamoured with.
I ordered my dress from the wonderful Jiminie at Etsy’s My Black Dress on the 8th of April, and today (just over two weeks later!) my dress has arrived.
Now, I’m not sure how Jiminie managed it, but I asked her to change the pattern to a “wide, scooped, boatnecky type neckline” as befitting the Rack of Doom, and despite my garbled instructions, she’s created the neckline that I’ve been searching fruitlessly for for the last year or so.
The fabric is more like a heavy stretch crepe than the “Ponti” I expected, which gives it a slightly more formal feel that suits it quite well. It’s fully lined, and the quality of the work is exceptional.

It doesn’t make me look like the fabulously svelte model in the top picture, but it fits, well, like it was made for me. In fact, it even lends some shape to my wide, flat butt!

My Black Dress has definitely made it on to my list of curvy-friendly fashion sites, and I recommend anyone still on the hunt for the P(erfect)L(ittle)B(lack)D(ress) should check her out!

17 thoughts on “The PLBD

  1. that dress is wonderful. And has cinched the idea that yes, I need a Mouret-esque dress made similarly for myself by this seller. So thanks from me, if not my bank account.. 🙂

  2. i have been looking at that seller forever, now i am definitely getting one with my next paycheck!

  3. IMHO, this dress is much more befitting your shape than the svelte model’s. This dress is amazing on you!

  4. That dress looks mahhhhvelous on you! In my opinion, the svelte model in the top picture does not do it justice like you do.

  5. What a fab dress! It fits you magnificantly! Especially like the rear view, nothing beats a dress that fits so snuggly on the butt! Gorgeous!

  6. I’ve been looking at those dresses forever too. It looks amazing on you, by the way. Can I ask, did you have to pay much in terms of customs and duties with it coming from the US? This is something that often holds me back.

  7. Thanks girls! I love the dress… I'm going to "premiere" it to my 31st birthday dinner (it's looming!)
    Gina, you should definitely indulge! It'll never go out of fashion, so I figure it's actually a good investment!
    Branwyn – which dress are you thinking of getting?
    SingaporeSling, they definitely do ship to France!
    Thankyou Skye & AquaMarine – I pine for a slender figure, but I have to admit when they're encased in such a nice dress I have to admit that curves are pretty darn good things to have.
    Sonya, the answer to "Do I really need…?" is ALWAYS "yes"!
    A I didn't actually have to pay any customs… I'm not sure what Jiminie put on the declaration as the value, but we don't have to pay if it's less than AUD$1000.

  8. Wow – awesome Etsy shop!! You look great in that dress. Every girl needs one & I am now on the hunt…

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