Nigella Awesome

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Cardigan: Pure Collection
Shoes: TUK
I think if I had to pick a celebrity to be my fashion guru Nigella Lawson would probably top my list.
Not that she has a particularly varied fashion style (mostly it seems to consist of cardigan-open-over-black-dress ensembles) but because she’s consistently well turned out, and knows exactly the right styles to best flatter her frame.
On my good days I can see a lot of similarities between us; I also have pale skin, dark hair and a generous figure (now if only I could figure out how to get those luxurious tumbled-out-of-bed waves that give her such voluptuous sex-appeal). I share her love of cooking and food, and agree that life’s too short to deny oneself little pleasures like good chocolate and whipped cream.
If nothing else, Nigella Lawson proves beyond a doubt that curvy women are hot as hell. Here’s to having a bit of flesh on the bones!
So, who’s your celebrity fashion guru?

(Incidentally – you can’t really tell in the top picture, but check out my high heels! For reasons that will become obvious in, oh, a week or so, I wanted to prove that I can – and do – wear them. Sometimes.)

13 thoughts on “Nigella Awesome

  1. Ooooh no!

    I only mentioned your heels because you were begging for people to help you not buy those boots!! Hee hee

    Seriously, those boots you’ve bought are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them!

  2. LOL, deborah-lee! Mostly I was trying to convince myself that buying high heeled boots wasn’t a terrible mistake, and that I could actually wear them all day long, just like a Normal Girl. I am a Melbournite, after all! I think I’ve managed to rationalise the purchase by a) they’ll be *special occasion* boots (heheh)and b) heels are easier to walk in when they’re closed; extra support, no slippage, blah blah.

  3. Nigella is gorgeous (forgive me for being crude, but wow, that chest of hers)
    I have pale skin and darkish skin but unfortunately I do not have the same body type as her 🙁

  4. Nigella brings out the jealous girlfriend in me. Chris gets a bit of a glazed expression when she gets on the television telling him to drink tea.

  5. I adore Nigella (think she’s brilliant and beautiful and funny and warm and a great cook, too — have almost all her books), but (as is often the case) her figure isn’t actually as generous as it appears on television. I saw her at a book signing maybe 18 months ago, and I would describe her a teensy.

  6. oh, nigella is gorgeous.

    my style icon has always been rhoda morgenstern from the mary tyler moore show, which might explain why i don’t have a fashion blog. 🙂

  7. Love Nigella and the way she plays up her assets, but I also think she could be a bit more adventurous with her fashion sense… She is such a stunning woman – she should try something new occasionally! I also love Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett (although she’s a little out there for me sometimes), and of course Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. All time fashion icons.

    And I am so happy you bought the boots! I can’t wait to see them! You must post pics as soon as you get them!

  8. Yesss! The comparisons are right on. Of course. I love it when I can pinpoint who someone looks like! The pink is gorgeous on you.

  9. Oh stuff the clothes on this day, I am curious about your forthcoming reveal! I am betting on the little pitterpatter as it seems babymaking is in the water at the moment!

    It just struck me as flat boots (as a dedicated heel wearer) was the FIRST thing I bought when I was that way inclined. 😀

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