For the Frill of It!

Boots: Duo
Necklace: Foudre Blanche
This “Frill Bust Dress” from Etsy seller Cast Couture is so comfortable as to be practically criminal! And to add to the vaguely too-good-to-be-true aspect of it all, designer Catherine Stoneley not only didn’t charge extra to make it to my measurements, but she managed to make it in less than a week! I ordered it on the 22nd of April, and I received it yesterday. That’s nine days, including international shipping from New Zealand! I can only imagine that Cat has one of those time-turner devices like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, because I can’t see how else she manages to turn-over orders with such speed without sacrificing her great quality and production values.
These pictures really don’t do justice to the finished product – it’s an innovative cut that lends me a really elegant shape and the frill on the neckline is both classy and fun. The dress is made out of a very wearable cotton elastane – almost like a dense stretchy t-shirt material. It’ll be a great multi-seasonal dress . And there’s pockets! I love pockets!
Get in quick though, because I spotted Cast Couture on the front page on Etsy and I imagine she’s about to become very very busy.

17 thoughts on “For the Frill of It!

  1. Stunning Lili. Love the colour too – nice change from black. I’m very tempted to get one myself. I like the longer sleeves and the length of your dress.


  2. wow Lili, you have such an eye for picking ace sellers on Etsy and dresses that are just gorgeous on you!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. the dress is lovely…you really know how to dress and show the best of your figure!As i have just moved to Melbourne I was wondering if you knew where I could get tights and high waisted flared jeans that are not meant for size 12 down….?!

  4. That is one fantastic dress and it looks brilliant on you. I would be so tempted if the dresses I already own actually got worn more than once a year.

  5. Another beautiful Etsy dress, I am going to have to startlooking there myself! You look wonderful.

  6. Hi ana b. thankyou! nope, it's Cotton Elastane: pretty much a dense, stretchy jersey. I used to have an amazing blue velvet dress, but I've found velvet + kitteh = catfur DOOM!

    Hi Toni, isn't the colour lovely? I wonder why I don't have more blue in my wardrobe…? (perhaps hang-up fron old Dymocks uniform?)

    Thanks, Kuka!

    curious rose, Welcome to Melbourne! You ever want anyone to go shopping with, drop me a line! Try Myer in Bourke St for tights, they have a great range, and both the Voodoo & Kayser labels do a plus-size range (though looking at your blog, you're prolly too slim to need the plus-sizes – try the Ambra brand, they're my favourites!) As far as jeans go, Sussan has a great range at the moment, and they won't break the bank. Otherwise I'm hearing good things about the new range at Jeans West…

  7. Oh my I love this blog Lili! Not only do you have the best taste in clothes but I was just attempting to pull on tights that just don’t like my thighs and wondering where to get nice one that actually fit!
    I’m off to Myer this week!
    And yay I still get to play with you, maybe we can take the new boots on an outing!

  8. You look fantastic! I checked out the site, that dress looks a hundred times better on you then the skinny chick. Nice going 🙂

  9. Hey Girls 🙂 thanks for all the Convo’s!! i’m going fabric shopping on Friday so will be able to get back to you with all the possibilityies then 🙂 yay!

    thanks for being so kind etc and blogging about me, it looks fab on you! much love 🙂

    -xx “the skinny chick”, who doesnt look half as good in the dress

  10. Oh how PRETTY! Your custom-made purchases are great – this and the little black dress. I’d be tempted to try it as well although I already have a navy blue dress. I like the longer sleeves on yours – did you ask for that as well, or as the sleeves simply longer in real life than they are in the Etsy sample pictures?

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