Very Hungry Lillipilli

Top: American Apparel

Belt: Portmans
Boots: Duo
Skirt: DIY
I was a busy little beaver this weekend!
A few weeks ago to my great excitement I discovered that Andover Fabrics did a “Very Hungry Caterpillar” themed range of fabrics.
Being the kids publishing sales rep that I am, I couldn’t pass it by, and I ordered a random number of yards from etsy seller Lucky Kaeru Fabric.
When it arrived it turned out that I had exactly the right amount of fabric to make this cute pleated skirt from Vogue Patterns.

(it’s the one in the middle, obviously!)

It was a really easy pattern to read and follow, and I’m delighted with how the skirt turned out.

For the record: It looks magnificent with my red boots, but I thought for a dreary monday morning in Black-Is-Best Melbourne I was worried that I may have already been pushing my colour limit.

20 thoughts on “Very Hungry Lillipilli

  1. LOL, me too, Miss Mellie! This was about the top level of difficulty that I can manage (and did you notice? It’s a VERY EASY Vogue pattern! So easy that I only had to unpick and re-insert the zip FOUR TIMES before being satisfied)

  2. oh my god lil – i LOVE the skirt and may need to make one myself. i’ll keep my eyes peeled for you on the streets of melbourne, i won’t be able to miss you in an ensemble like that! but i vote for the red boots – they would look amazing!

  3. I have recently discovered your blog and I love your outfits !
    The skirt is both beautiful and funny, I like it ! ^_^… I wish you showed us the killer-red-boots version lol… :)…

  4. Oh. My. Lord.

    I am a youth librarian and I desperately want this. I want this so bad. i want the skirt and I want some more to make curtains for NerdBaby’s room.

    So so much love.

  5. You put the rest of us reps to shame! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fabric! (ps- I’ll be wearing those Embody jeans to conference)! Clare xo

  6. Oh wow!!! That skirt is supercalifrickinawesome! I love it!!! I loved the book, and now I want the skirt as well….I wonder if it’d work in a size 20…… you are a clever sausage! 😀

  7. Aww… You look fabulous. Such a talented girl. But I wanted to see it with the red boots – they would have been AMAZING! Speaking of red boots… Any sign of the Jesolos? My Sicily’s arrived this morning… I didn’t have the guts to buy the Jesolos but if they look fab on you I might just have to pony up for the postage…

  8. FANTASTIC skirt! You’ve done a great job. I just checked out that Etsy shop and the fabrics are just delightful! I will definitely be doing some shopping there.

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