The pitter patter of FABULOUS SHINY RED BOOTS!

Top: 8inkerman
Skirt: Dream Diva
Boots (swoon): Duo Boots

Sorry, Sally – no babymaking at Chez Lillipilli at present. Himself is having too much fun being a kidlet with his many (many, many, many) gaming consoles, and I’m not quite sure if I can bring myself to share my many (many, many, many) kids books with anyone who has sticky fingers just yet. That pitterpatter you’re hearing? It’s my fabulous new shiny red Duo boots!

Do I look embarrassed in the top picture? I should be. I’ve hidden these boots away, and only put them on after Himself has left the house, because really – they were an indulgence of the worst kind.

Before you judge me too harshly I should tell you that I’ve been mooning over these boots ever since they popped up on Duo halfway through last year. I counted my pennies and vacillated and consulted my financial advisor (hullo, darling – do you like them?) and deliberated some more, and honestly – I’d have bought them at the full 190 quid, plus 20 shipping if Boots For Broads hadn’t shown up.

And then they came down in price. Quite a bit, actually. Then Duo had their free shipping promotion, and suddenly I was looking at 115 pounds, shipped, and the reasons that I had for not having bought them in the first place seemed… trivial.

Because, yes. They’ve got high heels, but I’ve worn higher. And yes, they’re potentially quite trampy with their “red” and their “patent leather”, but they didn’t look as outstandingly bright as my Jennifer’s. And honestly. Aren’t they spectacular?

Now. Comfort and fit-wise they don’t hold a candle to my other red boots. They bag around my ankles, are virtually impossible to zip up over my lower calf and have enough space at the top for me to keep a handy change purse and my car keys. But they’re the perfect red, the heel is actually perfectly manageable and they make my normally stumpy legs (I’m proportioned somewhat like a Dachshund) look loooooong and shapely. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that heels do that? Why haven’t I believed it before now?

So I’m keeping them both.

14 thoughts on “The pitter patter of FABULOUS SHINY RED BOOTS!

  1. oh you did it!!! yay you (albeit naughty) they look great!!!
    I just threw out 7 pairs of shoes and 35 items of clothing, maybe I can get some red boots now too! ha

  2. Wow – those are HOT! You look fab in them. At first I freaked that you were wearing red with pink, but now I see the red stripe in your top (whew)

    I am envious – I look awful in boots. I’m just too short to wear anything above the ankle except roman style tie up shoes (love those, can’t find any)

    I want to be brave enough to take fashion photos too. You are such an insipration 🙂

  3. Love them – and they make your legs look so thin (Not that they are fat to begin with!)

    Definitely money well spent.

  4. they look great!i would love to have boots that gaped around my calves…it makes your legs look tiny!I am continuing my ongoing quest for boots that will fit my “generous” calves…i hope to find some locally, the internet is too scary…

  5. Those boots are really great! I found your blog today and must say that your outfits are fabulous. I´m from Finland and can only dream about clothes you´re having, luckily we have internet… And have a pair of Duo boots too – they are great!

  6. okay – you look HOT! those boots would have to be one of the best pairs of boots i’ve seen you in! the outfit is cute. but can we just take a moment to talk about that photo…i LOVE it. it makes me giggle…

  7. They really ARE magnificent!! This budget-nazi definitely approves and HazMo thinks you look quite gorgeous.

    ps. Can I also say that I’m quite relieved that there are no other pitter patters to be heard in your household…..

  8. I’m speechless. I read your whole blog during last night, and some this morning and I’m totally bedazzled.

    You’re such a pretty woman with a gorgeaus wardrobe, I’m just drooling over here. Thanks so much for the blog, such an inspiration!!

    If only I could get my paws on all the fantastic garments and shops you’ve mentioned(they all don’t ship to where I live, Northern Europe to be exact).

  9. Ahh! \o/

    I LOVE those boots SO much. I really really wanted them when you pointed them out on the forum, but ANY heel is unmanageable for me, so sadly 9.5cm (even with a platform) was always going to be out. 🙁

    That’s the second pair of red boots I’ve wanted badly but had to not buy because of the heel. The first was a Nine West pair several years ago.

    I really want a pair of red boots. Are you listening DUO? A pair like Lilli’s, only with a teeny 2cm heel. Pretty please?

  10. Oh Miss Lili, they look so delicious! Thanks for the code as well, I just bought the green suede boots with my Ruddy bucks!
    Woo hoo!

  11. Thanks girls!
    Jodes, you can ABSOLUTELY rationalise a pair of red boots too… but didn’t you have some amazing Camper ones??

    DJ – I’ll keep my eyes open for some Roman Style lace up shoes!

    Curious-Rose: I’ve been hearing about Target, and a range of more generously calved boots that they’re doing at the moment – maybe check them out next time you’re in the city?

    Hi Anon, Ah, we’re in the same boat in Australia. Our plus-size range is pretty pitiful. Hurrah for the Internet, all round!

    Hi Anne, welcome! I’m so glad your found me! Reading through the whole archinve must’ve been a huge marathon! (Hope I don’t repeat myself too much, lol!)

  12. I love those boots! And your sweater too! I think a second pair of RED boots is totally worth it.

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