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Apologies for my absence over the last few days. I’ve been experiementing with a new trend (the open-cardigan-belted-over-x-y-or-z look) and today’s the first time I’ve felt confident enough with the results to publish a picture.

Still, I’m not entirely convinced I’m pulling it off, which bugs me because I love the look, and I know lots of curvy girls who rock it.

I’ve tried it over trousers, over skirts, over dresses. Over blouses and over t-shirts. I’ve tried it with long cardigans and shorter ones. Wide belts and narrow ones.

It’s the layering thing.

I’ve mentioned before that I suck at the layering thing (I’m putting it down to my all-items-must-match brand of OCD) and the open-cardigan-belted-over-x-y-or-z relies on a good understanding of how different items can be pulled together into one uniform outfit.

So what do you think? Did I manage it? Should I be doing something different? Or is it just one of those trends (like short shorts, harem pants, suspenders and tie-dye) that I’m going to have to pass on?

11 thoughts on “Experimentation

  1. Sorry Lili but for me I’ve got to say this doesn’t flatter you as much as other looks.

    I’m not sure what it is, maybe too many contrasting colours, maybe it’s the position of the belt, maybe lose the cardi or have the cardi over the top of the belt.

    I’m not sure what it is, but it just doesn’t look as awesome as usual.


  2. I think the belt over the cardigan doesn’t look wrong, but I think the colour is wrong.

    I also think your face and body are showing your unconfidence and it’s a killer to your great style.

    Your confidence is one of the things that makes your other outfits so great! I think you shouldn’t give up on experimenting on the look. Perhaps go for a simpler belt, simpler style for the next attempt and then build up a bit when you’re braver. I’ve tried the look myself a few times and more often then not I’ll leave the house with the belt over the cardi and by the time I get to work the belt is under. The last few times though I’ve managed to feel a lot more confident.

    Seriously, the shape and the definition is great on you. As I said, I’d just play down the colour. Don’t give up!

  3. You look adorable as usual, but I’m not sure the yellow belt is right for this look. Maybe a black belt would pull everything together better?

  4. Lili, I think a good outfit to experiment with would be the denim skirt and the pale blue cardi you remixed. You could add a thinner black belt to that outfit (maybe even a grey belt) and you could always close a few buttons at the waist while you’re experimenting with the style.

    I think it’s easier to do it with the thinner cardis than the thicker ones.

  5. I think the open cardi look is fine, just in this one the colours are bit off. I think the yellow belt and black boots are the main culprits. Maybe with different belt and different shoes?

  6. belt is too bright and too broad. the boyfriend cardi is ususally belted with a skinny belt in a low contrast color so that it blends in and seems more sashlike.

    the broad bright belt works better over more fitted styles to provide an empire waist or cinched waist look.

  7. Personally, I have also tried the belt over cardi/coat/jacket. And always taken it off because I just think it looks unnecessary! And I have quite a short torso.

    But I think you pulled it off here well enough. Even a longer cardigan would do as well! Fashion’s supposed to be fun!

  8. LOL – this obviously hasn’t quite passed the panel! Imagine how bad the previous attempts were! Thanks though, girls!

  9. I agree with those that have said it’s the colours you’ve used. The layered look works just fine for you!

    I’ve been contemplating trying out this trend too, but just can’t find a cardigan that will work!

  10. I agree with Anonymous. A smaller belt would work better. Also I’m not feeling the yellow for the colors you have chosen.

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