I Heart Dorothy Perkins (sometimes.)

Long sleeved Top: http://www.ezibuy.com.au/
Jeans: Urbane Woman via Myer
Boots: Duo Boots

In my head the A-One, best ever, if-I-had-to-kit-out-my-entire-wardrobe-from-one-store-it-would-be-this-one, place to shop online is Dorothy Perkins.

They’re bang on the money with trends, the prices are usually entirely reasonable, and they go up to a size 22 in everything, not just the stuff they think us size 16’s+ should be allowed to wear (coughBarkinscough). On top of that International shipping is extremely fast and comparatively cheap, and if you can wear the return postage costs returns are quick and no-fuss.

That last one’s important, because sadly my personal experience with Dorothy Perkins suggests that it’s a bit hit-or-miss with their products.

I’ve done a few orders, and in every one there’s been a few items that haven’t fit, have fit oddly or have been of sub-par quality – I’ve more or less given up on the skirts and dresses because they’re so short, but I keep of trying with their tops and knitwear (and belts! DP have the greatest range of stylish belts!) because when they get it right, they get it right.

I think this cute little heart-print puff sleeve top is a one of my favourite Dorothy Perkins purchases, though straight out of the parcel I’ll admit to having been disappointed.

It’s called a “jumper” (hah!) on the website, but the fabric’s such a flimsy knit that if you look carefully you can actually see the stripes of my long sleeved top through the fabric.

I get that the UK is coming into the warmer months, but really. In Australia the word “jumper” suggests at least a modicum of warmth (My US readers should think “sweater”) and this tissue-weight cotton provides all the warmness of a chiffon overcoat.

Still, the hearts are cute, and it layers well so I’m counting it as a win.

9 thoughts on “I Heart Dorothy Perkins (sometimes.)

  1. That seriously is cute.

    I really wanted to buy from DP a number of times, but I’m tall, and I’m long in my body so I need longer shirts as well as dresses.

    It’s a shame it’s so thin.. but the pattern mixing is perfect.

    I’ve been looking for an argyle vest to fit my chest for a while now. I’m at the point of buying one of those ones with the fake collar and sleeves and cutting them out! OR even better, persuading my mother to knit me one.

    I could do a heart one like yours, but nothing more fancy than that!

  2. We can’t anymore wear a jumper here in France because it’s getting hot!
    I agree with you for the skirts from DP because most of the time they don’t fit me!
    I love your outfit and I wish you a nice sunday!! xoxo from Europa!

  3. I just love the association of this “jumper” with your striped top, it’s great together !…

    About DP, I am a big fan, and I have several dresses from them. They are short but I usually wear them with leggings and it’s OK…

    For Deborah-Lee : they have a “Tall” section 😉

  4. Oh, cute!

    I agree with DP being a bit hit and miss. I’ve really loved some of the stuff I’ve got from them and then others – pshaw! And their belts are awesome.

  5. I find DP are weirdly cut around the boobs, so I always have huge gaps between my armpit and the start of the dress. I gotta say, I have more luck with torrid. Their stuff is generally pretty cheap, but I’ve had very few misses in terms of fit.

  6. Thanks girls!

    Deborah-Lee – Oh, I so get that! I HATE having tops that I’m constantly tugging down (the curse of the big knockers, I suspect!)
    I love the idea of an argyle vest – I’ll keep my eyes open for us both!

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