Cup to the Brim

Frocks & Frou FrouFrocks & Frou FrouFrocks & Frou FrouFrocks & Frou Frou Top: Dotti

Skirt (remixed): Chicwish

Shoes: Comfortview

Hat: “Collection” at Myer

I’ve been living in Melbourne for well over a decade now, but my boyfriend reckons I’m not quite a Melbournian yet. Apparently there’s a few criteria I have to meet: I have to finally to commit to an AFL team, I have to agree that they’re potato cakes not potato scallops, and I have to go to the races.

The Melbourne Cup hasn’t ever been particularly high on my to-do list – I’ve got conflicted feelings about the horses, and I’ve seen enough race-day footage on the news to know that the film Kenny wasn’t all fiction.

My Mum and my Stepdad are visiting Melbourne at the moment though, and going to the Melbourne Cup was on my Mum’s Bucket List, so we made a last-minute dash to Myer to procure headwear and joined the crowds thronging to Flemington for the “race that stops the nation”.

It was actually a really lovely day – we caught up with some friends, and my Mum managed to pick three winners, and a female jockey won the race for the first time in history, and no-one got into a punch-up.

I wore my remixed Chic Wish skirt with a sheer navy pussy-bow blouse from Dotti (who unbeknownst to me, have apparently started doing a size 16 in select items).

Poor Mum suffered through a good hour of me vacillating over hats, being alternately amused by the really OTT numbers and horrified by the price tags. I tried to walk the fine line between tacky/cheap and classy/expensive and managed to score this little number which fit the bill perfectly.

Frocks and Frou FrouMum borrowed my Igigi rose dress and looked so pretty in it (especially next to the famous Flemington roses) that I’m hoping she’ll let me steal a photo to share with you all. Stay tuned!

Remixed Mustard

Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou Frou Frocks and Frou FrouBlouse: Modcloth

Skirt (remixed): AsosSimilar here

Cardigan: Paper ScissorsSimilar here

Shoes: Chie Mihara

My guy and I spent the past four days soaking up the sunshine in (still frankly very chilly) Perth, and arrived back on Melbourne’s coldest day for two years. It’s been a fairly brisk winter, all things considered, and I’m feeling pretty good about past-me’s decision to buy present-me a new winter jacket that’s made of wool, has a hood, and zips up the front (I got this one. It’s magnificent).

I’ve taken some shifts in a lovely local independent bookshop, helping to manage their children’s section while I get back on my feet. It’s actually been really nice to find myself back in bookselling after all these years: comfortable, like coming home. I’ve re-introduced a bit of colour and whimsy into my wardrobe again now that I’m not in an office environment doing business-y things and being a professional boss-lady.

For a while now I’ve been looking for another mustard skirt made of a better quality fabric that my much-loved Breathtaking Tiger Lilies skirt. This one popped up in Asos’ “premium” range but sold out while I was still vacillating over the purchase. Fortunately a lovely reader let me know on Twitter that she’d spotted it in a 16, so I snapped it up thinking I might be able to do something with the fabric if it didn’t fit.

It didn’t of course. Not even close, really, but it was an easy fix to unpick the waistband and loosen the pleats enough to widen it for my girth, and the result’s a winter-take on my favourite skirt. It also looks great with grey tights (I’ve been wearing these, from Sonsee, pretty much around the clock).