All the good things

Happy New Year! Can you believe that it’s 2019? I hope you all had a restful and fulfilling break and are looking forward to a good year. I spent a lovely Christmas with the family, and the rest of my holiday catching up with friends, reading, relaxing, and doing just a little bit of sewing.

In my last blog post I mentioned that I’d recently had a mini shopping binge at Modcloth. Well, this is the skirt that inspired it. It’s one of Modcloth‘s legendary Breathtaking Tiger Lilies skirts – I have it now in orange, green, and yellow, but the moment I saw that they were offering it a warm ochre with polkadots I knew I had to add it to my collection.

It’s exactly the same comfy fit as the other skirts, complete with a half-elasticised waistband, generous pockets, braided belt, and (unfortunately) the same easily-snagged poly fabric. I’m willing to overlook the fabric for the fabulous polkadots though – I’ve never regretted buying one of these skirts even though they definitely have a limited lifespan.

There’s something a bit retro-cool familiar about the skirt – I was trying to figure out what it was, then realised: it looks like the dress that Julia Roberts’ character wears to the races in Pretty Woman.

You can definitely dress it up with a pretty blouse, but I’m still on holidays so I kept it casual with my Cats, Books & Tea t-shirt from Heart On My Fingers on Etsy. It doesn’t look like the shop has this particular style available anymore, but luckily there’s plenty of other options available.

Blue Belle

Isn’t this skirt the most delicious blue? I’ve been feeling wildly uninspired by my wardrobe lately, and after a particularly annoying morning where I tried on and rejected at least seven outfits I went on a mini Modcloth binge that included this pretty pleated skirt.

It’s been a while since I ordered anything from Modcloth (if I’m being honest it’s been a while since I even darkened their virtual doors) as I’ve been kind of going off the printed floral frocks and full skirts of five years ago, but I saw the combination of peacock blue and knife pleats during the brand’s Black Friday sales and for $40 couldn’t really resist.

It’s part of Modcloth’s namesake label which goes up to a size 4X as standard, and this is just one of the things I love about the brand. Free international shipping on orders over $75 is another. Plus the fact that they’re genuinely body positive, and include plus-size models in their marketing and product photos. And way the website supports customer reviews – with photos – so you can see what things look like on real people. Also how you can ask customer service for true measurements of any item and if they don’t have them on record they’ll send them to you via email. Remind me again why I’m not shopping here more often?

Anyway, I love this skirt despite the lack of pockets. it’s a lovely light fabric and it’s fully lined which gives it a really high quality feel. There’s no stretch, but the size chart is pretty spot on (or, like I said before, chat to a ‘Modstylist’ and they should be able to give you exact measurements).