Me Made May Day 18: York top

Top: York top from Seamwork (fabric from Doops Designs)
Skirt: Forever 21 Plus (similar here)
Shoes: Naturaliser

In the interest of transparency, the tutu was worn solely for the purpose of this photo because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, but also I am working from home so actually teamed this Seamwork York top (yes another one) with sensible trousers.

After my shrinking disaster with Doops Designs’ tee-dress I vowed to be less lazy and take advantage of the fact they sell their fabric (I seriously wish more brands did this) and sew myself something. I bought a couple of metres of the cotton-linen confetti, which was more than enough to whip up a York top.

It’s a lighter fabric with a looser weave than Nerida Hansen’s cotton/linen blend, and is a little prone to fraying, so I’ve French-seamed everything, and I’m feeling very proud of myself for doing so.

I decided to follow the instructions for once, and instead of cutting the back piece on the fold, I made a keyhole feature and fastened it with a cheerful little yellow button.

Skirt from Forever 21 (I’m now officially twice that ahahaha oh god) 

4 thoughts on “Me Made May Day 18: York top

  1. Soooo talented. Somehow I missed sewing in home economics class/school of life (or maybe just the sewing gene). Happy birthday! Xxx

  2. Happy Birthday. I have really enjoyed seeing your makes this month and feel inspired to make something for me too.

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